Volvo is plugging a gap in its S60 model line by adding a T5 AWD model, according to a report from Car and Driver. As it stands, if you want all-wheel drive with your S60 you need $39,325 for the T6 just to get in the game, and only then you can you start throwing options at it. The all-wheel-drive competition is easier on the wallet: an Audi A4 Quattro begins at $34,175 and the BMW 328i xDrive starts at $37,475.

Pricing hasn't been released, but the expectation is that the S60 T5 AWD will sticker somewhere between the $32,175 front-wheel-drive model and the T6. It is expected to go on sale this summer.

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      I am not a fan of the front end of this car, I always thought Volvo's had rather stately and handsome front ends that I really liked. With that said, I sat in this at the auto show with a couple of buddies that own Audi's and we all thought the interior was on par if not better than an A4. The materials were very high quality and the design was stylish, unique and at the same time refreshingly clean and simple. The sales are through the roof and people seem to really love the car so I guess others are liking the look.
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      good idea. they'll sell tons of 'em. I can't think of the last time I saw an MB, BMW, or of course, Audi, mid sizer without all wheel drive here in Connecticut
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      The S60 is, in all honesty, my dream sedan. It's beautiful on the outside and the inside, it's affordably priced for a lux sedan, it's "safe" (I put quotes around the word because in the automotive world, "safe" is a relative term), it performs well, and it's unique.
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      Has volvo been taking cues from hyundai? that front end is really weird
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      I think everyone knew this was coming. The new S60 really is a very nice vehicle at a great price for its segment. I see a TON of new S60s in the Northern VA area. They really need to do something about the transmission though. Everyone bitches about it, myself included.
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        Care to elaborate 'bout the transmission? Considering replacing my Saab 9-5 (tired of the turbo whiplash...) with the S60.... Gas mileage is below my expectations for the Volvo, however....
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          It gets better mpg than EPA #s suggest. My overall average over 20K miles has been 24 mpg. I get 30-32 hwy. Not bad for 300a hp AWD.
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      Volvos were never the prettiest cars on the block but used to be reliable back in the days when still owned by the Swedes. I wonder if they still are built like tanks and lasts for hundreds of thousands of miles.
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      I bought my mom a loaded T5 FWD two months ago, and it is a superb car. I absolutely loved it - great little motor that I5 2.5L Turbo is - 255HP and almost 300lbs of TQ (when in sport mode for 10 seconds). The thing with the AWD T6 model that makes it quite a bit pricier than the Audi A4 is that it has a lot more standard features, and a 300HP V6 Turbo which really does pack a great punch. But yes, slotting in an AWD option for the T5 is a great idea - it'll steal tons of sales from the pack, including the A4, Merc C-Class, and the like. I'm not bashing Audi, btw. My personal car is a 2012 Audi A6 3.0T and I absolutely love it to bits and pieces, but the A4 leaves a lot to be desired - the 2.0T is especially a cumbersome, underpowered, and clumsy motor, in my opinion.