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There are few things that can't be accomplished with a little PVC pipe, some chicken wire, cardboard boxes and spray paint. Just ask the innovative chaps in the videos after the jump. As part of a Halloween celebration last year, the quartet of youths took it up on themselves to recreate a scale version of the tornado-chasing Dominator from TVN. The finished product looks pretty good given its humble roots, and since the project uses a Honda Recon ATV for a chassis, it gets down the road with a quickness.

The guys behind the project nailed all of the relevant details, right down to a mock Bosch sponsorship and a plethora of wiper blades. Well played, sirs. The troupe plans to roll out a mini Dominator 2 in coming months alongside a slew of skits inspired by the reality TV show Storm Chasers. We can't wait. Hit the jump to check out the four-part series on the Dominator's creation after the jump.

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      Hey voctus or whatever the heck ur name is Your just jelious that u didn't come up with this idea so ur just going to go around bagging on peoples blogs because u can't think as smart.
      Stephanie Lantz Tyle
      • 3 Years Ago
      Great job guys! I think some comments are forgetting that this is made by young men doing something BETTER with their time than out tearing up other peoples stuff or getting into trouble! Proud that they used their minds to do something inventive!!!