Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari in chrome

The Abarth 695 was originally intended as a Fiat 500-based tribute to Ferrari. Hence the 695 Tributo Ferrari moniker. But this one looks more like a salute to McLaren.

Created by Japanese tuner Office-K and unveiled this week at the Tokyo Auto Salon, this special Abarth has had its Scuderia Red paint hidden under a full chrome vinyl wrap – similar to the one we reported on back in May – and capped with a tricolore racing stripe up the nose.

Otherwise, it's mechanically the same as the stock 695, which means a 1.4-liter turbo four driving 180 little prancing stallions through a five-speed manual to the front pair of 17-inch wheels with their Brembo brakes. It also means an interior with a chunky steering wheel, Sabelt racing buckets and Abarth's signature turbo boost gauge. Check it the chrome job in the video after the jump and the images in the gallery above.