Ford SYNC is a success. The connectivity software has found its way into four million cars since its introduction in 2007. With European and Asian buyers getting SYNC for the first time this year, and North American offerings like the Fusion and Flex getting it as standard equipment, Ford expects to add nine million more users by 2015.

The prediction isn't solely based car buyers' increased access to SYNC; even in the U.S. the uptake continues to grow, from 80 percent of buyers in 2010 to 82 percent in 2011. The percentage of those recommending SYNC has remained stable at 80 percent, but that might also rise with more features and apps on the way. You can read all about it in the press release after the jump.
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Ford Delivers 4 Millionth SYNC In-Car Connectivity System; 9 Million More Expected by 2015

- Ford SYNC®, the voice-activated in-car connectivity system introduced in 2007, now is installed in more than 4 million Ford Motor Company vehicles

- With plans to begin offering SYNC in Europe and Asia this year, Ford projects 9 million additional vehicles will be equipped with SYNC by 2015

- Powered by the Microsoft Windows Embedded Automotive platform, SYNC has created the "upgradeable car," allowing new features and improvements to be seamlessly integrated on a pace with consumer trends and preferences

- SYNC is now available on 100 percent of Ford's 2012 retail product lineup in North America; all-new Ford Fusion and Flex are launching with SYNC as standard equipment – setting a trend for a hands-free, voice-activated future

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 9, 2012 – Just one year after eclipsing the 3 million mark, Ford has sold the 4 millionth vehicle equipped with SYNC®, the industry-leading in-car connectivity system powered by Microsoft.

Launching globally this year, Ford SYNC powered by Microsoft is forecasted to reach 9 million new customers around the world in the next three years.

"SYNC has been a transformational technology not only for Ford, but for the industry," said Derrick Kuzak, Ford group vice president for Global Product Development. "SYNC has been integral to keeping pace with the consumer, delivering value through a constant flow of new features that keep them connected to their digital lives in a safer, simpler and smarter way while driving."

SYNC has evolved quickly since first introduced in late 2007 and grown to provide customers even more value, with no additional cost.

Soon after launch, Ford added SYNC 911 Assist™, which connects drivers directly with 911 operators after an accident. It is the only in-car, non-subscription call-for-help system.

Ford's SYNC Services launched in 2009, providing voice-activated access to a cloud-based network of information including traffic, news, sports, weather, horoscopes, stock quotes and movie listings along with business searches and turn-by-turn directions.

In 2010 Ford added SYNC® AppLink™ – allowing smartphone-equipped customers access to a growing number of popular apps using voice control such as Pandora internet radio and Stitcher.

Operator Assist, introduced in 2011 and available through SYNC Services, gives users access to live help with business searches and turn-by-turn directions.

The upgradeable car
Ford's open platform approach to mobile device connectivity has helped SYNC stand out in the industry, allowing for continuous improvement of the user experience and the addition of new features.

"Listening to customers and monitoring consumer trends has helped make SYNC a 'must-have' technology," said Kuzak. "We will continuously improve SYNC based on customer feedback with the availability of software updates and upgrades."

Ford internal research has found that customers who bought 2011 models of Ford vehicles treat SYNC as a must-have technology and purchase the system 82 percent of the time. Also, more than 80 percent of SYNC users said they are likely to recommend the system to others.

And using information collected in customer clinics, Ford engineers have been able to pinpoint opportunities for improvement and are acting on it with plans to soon launch a significant software upgrade for existing owners of SYNC with MyFord Touch®.

"SYNC has allowed us to create the upgradeable car," said Kuzak. "With the SYNC platform inside the car, offering our owners updates will be very similar to what they experience with their smartphones and laptops."

During the customer clinics held after the initial release of MyFord Touch, customers said they wanted the system to be faster and easier to use with simpler graphics. Ford engineers listened, resulting in a major upgrade to MyFord Touch that will roll out in a few months as 2013 model year vehicles are introduced.

Engineers and developers from Ford and Microsoft often collaborate on upgrades and other projects related to the performance of SYNC to ensure functionality with the Microsoft Windows Embedded Automotive platform.

"Ford and Microsoft are driven by a common vision to give consumers the ability to combine their digital lifestyle with their life on the road," said Windows Embedded General Manager Kevin Dallas. "Windows Embedded Automotive enables Ford more flexibility and extensibility to innovate, speed up the product refresh cycle, and evolve SYNC to keep up with the fast pace of the consumer electronics industry."

The upgrade will appear first on the all-new Ford Escape, and 2013 Flex and Taurus models. Current owners of 2011-12 models of Ford Explorer, Edge, Lincoln MKX and the 2012 Ford Focus will be mailed a USB memory stick equipped with the software upgrade at no charge.

In addition to faster touch-screen response time, the software upgrade will include the following enhancements:

- Improved voice recognition experience powered by Nuance
- Tablet device compatibility
- audiobook support
- Connected navigation powered by TeleNav featuring new map data by NAVTEQ
- Improved phone compatibility
- Gracenote album cover art database featuring the latest music metadata available

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About Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn, Mich., manufactures or distributes automobiles across six continents. With about 166,000 employees and about 70 plants worldwide, the company's automotive brands include Ford and Lincoln. The company provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company. For more information regarding Ford and its products worldwide, please visit

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    • 1 Second Ago
      XJ Yamaha
      • 3 Years Ago
      This picture shows MyFord Touch in use, not necessarily SYNC. Never tried MFT, so I have no opinion of my own, but SYNC on the other hand was awesome coming from someone who uses an ipod while driving more than the FM radio.
      • 3 Years Ago
      I'm not a fan of voice controls. I don't deny they can be useful (and when I first saw SYNC, I thought it was cool), but they also pretty much worthless when anyone else is in the car. If they are talking while trying to use it, it won't register the commands. Likewise, if they aren't talking, they all look at you funny when you start talking, but not to them. It's a lot like those people who walk around talking into space--you can't tell if they are crazy or on the phone (and if they are on their phone, you just want them to shut up). As far as simple controls, it's better/faster to just have regular buttons. But voice commands are better for complex tasks like finding a specific song to play.
      Mark Stearns 
      • 3 Years Ago
      my friend had a Ford Edge with Sync as a rental during the holiday. my first time ever seeing it and I could barely control the heated seat. I tapped the screen icon and nothing happened... then I tapped it again, and guess what happened..... it turned on then off.... so then I tapped it again and after a considerable LAG it did register as a button press. The interface was sooooo slow to respond, I would say it's a failure. I would never buy a car or truck with Sync in it, and I like the new fusion...... you hear me Ford!!!!
        • 3 Years Ago
        @Mark Stearns 
        Sync and MyFord Touch aren't the same thing, Mark. Sync works great, whereas MFT has been a PR nightmare with critics and customers. Thankfully, the entire interface has been rebuilt from the ground up, and the update should be rolled out to 2011 models shortly. Then again, this info is coming from the same company that promised I'd have AppLink functionality in my 2011 F-150 by the end of the year. Last year. Still waiting on that promise to be kept.
      • 3 Years Ago
      I agree. MyFordTouch is the most successful BETA product ever.Have it my 2012 Edge. On average, I get three failures of some sort daily. USB / Bluetooth fail to connect randomly. Voice recognition works about 5% of the time. Been developing and managing systems since mid-1980's, but never saw anything that progressively gets slower until the mindless maintenance cycle. Judging from the overall speed, it is painfully obvious that the original development team was clueless as to stack priortization, memory usage, and cache efficiency. For Ford's sake, I hope the 2012 Q1 update fixes everything.
      • 3 Years Ago
      do I see a sony system??? Why can't Ford install a decent system in their cars???
      • 3 Years Ago
      I am on my 2nd vehicle with sync and I really like it. Every vehicle should have something like sync standard for safety reasons. I also have MFT in my Focus and I still love it. There have been some bugs tho, and I have said some curse words, but in the end once it was updated it was fine, still lags a little tho. Of course I was in my wreck the day before thanksgiving, and nearly 12k and 2 months later I am still with out it. =(
      • 3 Years Ago