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That Daimler can't sell enough Maybach superluxury sedans to justify the brand's existence is the worst-kept secret in the entire automotive industry. The numbers don't really make a dent in what its competitors sell, and they are but a drop in the bucket of what the company moves as a whole. That's what's prompted Daimler to seek out more cost-effective alternatives to the current Maybach line, and what's reportedly forced them to move to shutter the brand in the near future.

So you'd think that the prices on buying a new Maybach would be dropping considerably as a result. And you may very well get your local Maybach dealer to cut one heck of a deal to get one of their limousines out of the showroom. But you wouldn't know it from the latest pricing updates released by Mercedes-Benz USA.

Instead of slashing their prices in an effort to turn a profit before shutting down the brand, Daimler has actually increased the MSRPs on 2012 models. Not by much, mind you – about $4,000 across the board (save the $1.38m Landaulet, which stays the same). Of course, that probably isn't enough to deter someone willing to shell out this kind of money from buying a Maybach. But the sheer audacity of raising the sails on a sinking vessel is certainly an interesting tactic to save the ship.
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2012 Maybach Suggested Retail Prices

MY 2012
MY 2011
Maybach 57** $379,050 $375,250
Maybach 57 S** $418,950 $414,750
Maybach 62** $430,450 $426,250
Maybach 62 S** $470,350 $465,750
Maybach Landaulet** $1,382,750 $1,382,750

** $2,750 destination charge for container shipment for Maybach models