Chevrolet Cruze front three-quarter view

General Motors has suspended production of the Chevrolet Cruze. The automaker's Lordstown, Ohio facility suspended its third shift entirely and shortened its first and second shifts due to an unnamed supplier issue according to a spokesperson with the plant. Reuters reports GM has declined to elaborate on the nature of the kink in the company's supply chain, but stressed that the automaker hopes to clear up the issue as soon as possible. The Cruze has enjoyed major success this year, becoming the second-best selling vehicle in its class, second only to the Toyota Corolla.

The Corolla leads the Cruze by a scant 4,000 units, but the Cruze has managed to best both the Honda Civic and the Ford Focus without breaking a sweat. Previously, GM CEO Dan Akerson said he hopes the Cruze will become the best-selling vehicle in its segment by the end of 2011, but its unclear just how the new supplier crunch will impact those goals.