Chrysler Motor Village LA

Back in January, Chrysler opened Motor Village in downtown Los Angeles. The hope was that the automaker could create a modern dealership with a customer-focused mission that would help increase market share in LA. Instead, the dealership is costing Chrysler nearly a million dollars.

Automotive News reports that Chrysler has settled with the California Department of Motor Vehicles to the tune of $955,000. Chrysler's ownership of Motor Village went against a California law that stipulates that an automaker cannot own a dealership within 10 miles of a privately owned dealership of the same brand. Chrysler was reportedly fined $750,000 and it also paid $160,000 for legal fees and $45,000 for post-settlement audits.

While Chrysler's ownership of the facility cost the company $955,000, its stake in the dealership was only temporary. Team Pentastar sold the facility in October to Dennis Lin, who owns New Century Automotive Group of Los Angeles. The dealership was split into two retail stores; one with Chrysler, Dodge, Ram and Jeep models and the other with Fiat models.