We're as excited as anyone to see the next-generation Corvette, even if it is still a few years off. But while the C7 'Vette isn't slated to arrive until 2013 as a 2014 model, it hasn't stopped the rumormill from pumping out wild speculation. We've heard everything from a split rear window design to a turbocharged V8 engine, but according to GMInsideNews, it's all a bunch of baloney.

GMI reports that the design of the next Corvette will be more evolutionary than revolutionary. This means that the new car won't feature a standard split window, and the publication's inside sources won't confirm an optional split-window, either. GMI also reports that the rumored 5.5-liter V8 likely won't happen. Instead, word around the Interwebs is that the Corvette's base engine will still be the tried-and-true 6.2-liter V8. To no one's surprise, the mid-engine layout rumor – something that has never been corroborated to begin with – has also been debunked.

But enough of what won't happen: GMI sources do reveal that the design of the C7 'Vette will be European in nature, and the interior will receive a major – and much needed – overhaul. Materials are said to receive a bigtime update, and the Corvette's infotainment system will include a large LCD display in the gauge cluster. Several sources have also claimed that the 2014 Corvette will feature a seven-speed manual transmission for improved fuel economy.