Andy Richter in the Chevrolet Sonic

Andy Richter is piloting a 2012 Chevrolet Sonic from Burbank, California to New York City as part of a stunt for Conan O'Brien's self-titled late night talk show. It's officially been one year since Team Coco found a home on TBS, and to celebrate, the entire Conan crew is packing up for a special performance at the Beacon Theater in the Big Apple. While the rest of the crew is turning to the miracle of commercial flight for the trip east – including O'Brien himself – Richter is saddling up in the newest compact from Chevrolet for a three-day road trip across the continent.

Hilarity is bound to ensue. The Team Coco site has been configured to allow viewers to follow along with Richter's big Sonic adventure, and the comedian will also be tweeting along the way to keep everyone abreast of his progress. Keep an eye out for tweets with the hashtag #orangebullet. In the meantime, hit the jump to see O'Brien sending Richter off yourself.