Dan Neil, car critic at The Wall Street Journal and The Car Show presenter, is pretty smitten with the BMW 1 Series M Coupe, at least on most fronts. As a devotee of the E36 M3, Neil is happy to see that the fairly lightweight coupe comes with an honest inline six-cylinder engine under the hood, even with its forced-induction shenanigans. And the six-speed manual transmission with its excellent clutch and solid shifter apparently warranted spilling some ink over as well, but not all is right in the land of baby M models. According to Neil, the 1 Series M Coupe is "one of the ugliest, most disturbingly wrong car designs in modern history."

As the locals are fond of saying; them's some strong words. We won't be caught leaping to the defense of the vehicle's aesthetics, but we will say Neil comes down a bit hard on the smallest of the M clan. Sure the car isn't the prettiest belle at the heel-toe squaredance, but ugliest of them all? That's a big stretch. We would carefully point Neil's attention toward the likes of the the Dodge Caliber, just about any crossover from SsangYong or even the hideous of all hideousness, the Pontiac Aztek as contenders for that title. What do you think?

Is Dan Neil right about how the BMW 1 Series M Coupe looks?
Yes, it's wretchedly ugly.8152 (30.1%)
No, it's beautiful.4694 (17.3%)
It looks alright.8786 (32.4%)
It's purposefully ugly – some of us prefer to call it character5444 (20.1%)