Ferrari FF

The season for gift-giving is quickly approaching, and if you're all out of ideas for that certain someone special on your list, Neiman Marcus may have just the thing. This year's fantasy gift is a Ferrari FF. For the low, low price of just $395,000, buyers can snag a unique Neiman Marcus version of the all-wheel-drive, 650-horsepower Ferrari hatch. Only 10 versions of the vehicle will be built for the holiday season, each packing its own complimentary custom luggage set as part of the deal. As with each standard FF purchase, owners will be treated to the Ferrari Winter Driving Experience in Aspen, Colorado, as well.

As you may recall, the Chevrolet Camaro Convertible received the Neiman Marcus treatment last year with special paint for a staggering $75,000. That model sold out before we could bat an eye, and if we were the betting type, we'd say the same thing will happen to the Ferrari FF Neiman Marcus Edition. Head over to the Neiman Marcus site for more information.