Increasingly stricter environmental dictates are making the rich man's camel pass though the eyes of smaller and smaller needles to get to regulatory heaven. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is going to have to shrink somewhere in order to make it into the future, and it seems the company plan for that is to make an electric version, possibly even with lithium-sulfur batteries powering plug-in fuel-cell technology from the F-125! concept showed off at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show.

The hitch in this case is that if we ever see such a car, Daimler's R&D chief believes 2020 or 2025 would be the window for its appearance. The technologies aren't concept-only, or as out-there as using thorium for power, but scaling up to passenger car sizes and standards might be a decade or more out. The return: an S-Class with an emissions-free range of 621-miles.

That might sound like overkill, but as of now only one S-Class undercuts the European average for vehicular CO2 emissions. With the noose tightening in 2015 and even tighter strictures in 2020 and 2025, Mercedes (and plenty of other automakers) will need to position itself for 2025 and beyond.

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      "Keen to bring future key technologies inhouse, Mercedes-Benz will start producing its own fuel cell stacks in Vancouver from 2013. The premium car maker, the core division of Germany’s Daimler group, said construction is starting immediately on a 2000 square meter facility that is cheduled for completion in 2012. Daimler hopes to start producing its next-generation fuel cell stacks in Vancouver in 2013. These will deliver higher output and efficiency and will be smaller in size. They will be suitable for the Mercedes C- and E-Class."
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      Love the new S-Class. I evokes so many fond memories. 53 Chev pick up front end. Buckboard wagon wheels. Open to the full sun of the day, with lots of front and rear greenhouse glass. Fold down side flaps for bad weather, just like a well built Wells Fargo Coach. Set low between the frame rails for that get the feel of the road up your spine ride. Guess I won't need one. I've already had a 54 Chev truck, worked in a greenhouse, ridden on hay wagons, owned a go-cart I had to get on my knees to get into. The wealthy are so blessed to have all this revived for them in a package for under $300,000 don't you think.
      Jon Norman
      • 3 Years Ago
      This is stupid. AS AN S CLASS OWNER ...let me be first to say that all Mercedes needs in the S class is a DIESEL or a 5.0 liter engine - possibly even a 4.8. An electric S Class would weigh in excess of 6000 pounds.
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      does that nose look like a flattened 52 chevy/gmc pickup?
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      Almost a certainty, to steal marketshare from Fisker. But over the course of the next decade.