• Oct 16, 2011
The year was 1978, and Norbert Singer was tasked with building the ultimate Group 5 Porsche 935. His sole objective was to deliver a win at Le Mans. Singer went immediately to work and pushed the FIA's rules to deliver a lower, wider and more aerodynamic 935 than anyone expected. With a white body and a characteristic long swooping tail, it was dubbed "Moby Dick," after Herman Melville's great white whale.

But don't get the impression that Moby Dick was just an aero kit on a 935, as there were other, less visible changes to the race car.

The turbocharged flat six was bumped up to displace 3.2 liters and fitted with water-cooled heads. When it was time to race, the four-valve engine developed 750 horsepower. Since the Le Mans circuit runs clockwise, the driver's seat was moved to the right to optimize weight distribution. On the Mulsanne Straight, it could hit a blistering 235 mph.

Moby Dick qualified third at Le Mans in 1978, behind two Group 6 prototypes (Renault Alpine and a Porsche 936). While it was the fastest on the straights, it finished in eighth place after an oil leak became an issue. It ran in two more races that year before Porsche retired it to the museum. Three clones were eventually built, and they raced well into the 1980s.

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      The sheer beauty of this makes me wanna cry
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      i know this Autobot. his name is Jazz. http://tfarchive.com/cartoons/generationone/profiles/jazz1.jpg
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      Carbon Fibre
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      Complete beauty. Had one of these actually no joke...in GT3
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      One of the first Tamiya kits I ever got was the Moby Dick. I had no idea what a 911 was back then. I just knew this car looked awesome.
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      My favorite Porsche was the 934/935. I always loved the styling and the hidden lights.
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      love the livery on this car. It's right up there with the gulf cars.
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      Funny that they make no mention of the fact that the 935 did indeed win LeMans overall the followig year in 1979. Amazing race cars, pushed it's 911 based roots to the absolute extreme.
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      Love the car and that, with all the aero-, it still has the flat recessed side glass and triangular "vent panes" !...I guess because of the "rules".