2012 beetle new york

We've never won a free car, but we bet it would be one helluva good feeling. But waiting a year for that very new ride? That has to be plenty painful. A year has passed since Oprah gave away 275 2012 Volkswagen Beetle models during her final "Favorite Things" episode, but those audience members didn't drive off the lot with their new ride. Since the Beetle was still a year away from production, audience members didn't even get to see what their new car looked like.

But while the wait was likely difficult, those lucky audience member are finally getting their high-five-inducing Bug. The Car Connection reports that the first 25 deliveries are taking place at a VW dealership in Orland Park, IL, and Volkswagen of America CEO Jonathan Browning will be present to hand over the keys. The remaining winners will reportedly receive their Beetle within the next few weeks.

As an added kicker to those 275 soon-to-be new Bug owners, the cash to take care of taxes and fees are also going to be provided. We're guessing the wait will be well worth the reward.