• Oct 8th 2011 at 2:03PM
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Mazda wants to add another icon to your iPhone's menu with MyMazda, an app that lets owners pull up vehicle maintenance, service history and recall information for their vehicles in a few easy taps.

The app syncs with Mazda's Customer Connect service program and can send automatic alerts and updates to remind owners of service schedules. There's also GPS functionality that tracks down your car in crowded parking lots. MyMazda is a free download from the Apple App Store and before you ask, an Android version should be out before the end of the year. Full details in the press blast after the break.
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- All-new app provides maintenance information, service history, service reminders and more -

IRVINE, Calif. (September 29, 2011) - Mazda North American Operations (MNAO) today announced an all-new "MyMazda" Service iPhone App that provides its customers easy access to service offers personalized to their vehicle, scheduled maintenance reminders, factory maintenance schedules, and other information about their Mazda in just a few simple taps. The "MyMazda" App is free of charge and is available to download from the Apple App Store.

"MyMazda" is one of the first automotive iPhone Apps of its kind to provide customers with real-time information about their vehicle. The "MyMazda" iPhone App quickly displays essential information, including maintenance schedules, vehicle service history with brake and tire inspection results, and recall information. In addition, Mazda owners can register their vehicles with Mazda, update their contact information and select a preferred dealer for each car they register.

The "MyMazda" iPhone App is synced with the Mazda service marketing program Mazda Customer Connect (MCC) which includes direct mail, email, appointment scheduling, mobile bar coding and a text messaging reminder feature, the "MyMazda" iPhone App will give Mazda owners access to custom tailored service and parts offers and promotions on the go and when they need them most. The iPhone App also features a Mazda dealer locator and easy access for appointment scheduling.

The "MyMazda" iPhone App can automatically send reminder alerts for an upcoming maintenance and with the GPS-powered car locator, customers can input the location of their parked vehicle with just a tap making it easy to find later on. Android users can expect to see the "MyMazda" Android App released in the coming months.

"MyMazda" is the second app released by Mazda. Last year, Mazda rolled out the award winning Mazda Roadside Assistance App "Mazda Assist". The App was developed in partnership with Mazda's roadside assistance partner, Cross Country Automotive Services. The App works in conjunction with Mazda's Roadside Assistance and Roadside Assistance Plus programs. The App is designed to help Mazda drivers obtain immediate roadside assistance, should they find themselves with a flat tire, out of gas, locked out of their car, or in need of a tow due to a mechanical failure. The App puts drivers directly in touch with a roadside assistance agent, who can quickly dispatch reliable and professional roadside assistance to the vehicle's exact location via GPS-enabled technology, anytime. It gives drivers estimated time of arrival (ETA) and Service Provider information throughout the roadside event. Originally available only on the iPhone, the Mazda Roadside Assistance app is now available for Android as well.

Mazda North American Operations is headquartered in Irvine, Calif. and oversees the sales, marketing, parts and customer service support of Mazda vehicles [1] in the United States, Canada and Mexico through nearly 900 dealers. Operations in Canada are managed by Mazda Canada, Inc., located in Ontario; and in Mexico by Mazda Motor de Mexico in Mexico City.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 3 Years Ago
      Anyone know when it will be available in Canada?
      Kevin W
      • 3 Years Ago
      5,000 miles: take car in for rattles 10,000 miles: take car in for rattles 20,000 miles: give up on rattles, they aren't going away. Ever. 25,000 miles: Bridgestone Impotenza tires bald. "only" $200 apiece 38,000 miles: DISI explodes. Warranty denied because you lost one oil change receipt. 40,000 miles: replace shocks 45,000 miles: Renesis replacement 70,000 miles: Renesis replacement
        • 3 Years Ago
        @Kevin W
        Tire complaint not valid, many cars come with the same performance tires. This just in, summer only performance tires don't last as long as harder economy tires! Go figure. The advans on Evo's only last about 15,000 miles. Replace them with something better, if they sucked why did you replace them with the same tire? About the warranty denial, that is pretty much completely up to the dealership, find a new dealership. Especially in these times, they would love the work. This list is a very short, very low maintenance list. Engine replacements.... either your full of baloney, or you really did not take care of your vehicle and shouldn't have owned one in the first place. I had an RX-8 for three years. I put 55,000 miles on it during that time. It was at Mazda twice for minor recalls (not bad! I work at a GM dealership, and there have been at least 4 or 5 recalls on some of these models in the matter of months.... *Ahem Acadia/Enclave*) Other then that I took care of my own oil changes, just keep the receipts for the oil in a folder, (which if you care about your car, you should do anyways...) and hope you will never need them. There are plenty of people with 100,000+ miles that are still running very strong on the original factory 13B-MSP engine. Maybe you should learn more about the unique vehicle that the RX8 IS, and take care of it accordingly. OH and if you had your oil changed at the dealership, then you shouldn't have to worry about loosing receipts, since it would all be on file... and don't cry that it is too expensive, there are always TONS of coupons online for dealerships where you should never pay more then 20 dollars for one. OR bring your own oil and filter and pay them 10-11 dollars for the labor and that be that. I never understood why so many people were so critical of this car. It was such a dream to own, and if I didn't love FD's so much I would have never sold it! "steps off soap box*
        • 3 Years Ago
        @Kevin W
        2010 Mazda3 5 Door 30,000 miles 6 Speed. Last Mazda I will ever own. Wost car since my 1990 Hyundai Excel. 1. Rear sway bar - replaced under warranty 2. Drivers door speaker -replaced under warranty 3. At 17,000 miles the clutch spontaneously ate itself. Google 2010 Mazda 3 Clutch and see how many have gone out at 17,000 miles. Its impressive. Mazda said take a hike no warranty. Took it up to corporate, no help. 4. Center Arm rest broke 5. Driver Headlamp has water inside of it 6. Rear spoiler FELL OFF 7. Driver side axle seal leaking. Mazda says its only a small leak and they wont warranty it! My other car is a 1992 Honda Prelude with 201,000 miles on it and it is in perfect condition so I know how to take care of a car. I have always been a Honda/Acura owner and I guess I'm just spoiled. I have been frustrated by Honda's lack of soul as of of late but that's better than how crappy my Mazda has been.
          • 3 Years Ago
          I've driven the 2006 Honda Civic DX, 2007 Honda Civic EX, 2009 Honda Civic EX extensively (leased/family member cars). No complaints. Currently driving a 2010 Civic EX (30K miles on it) as a replacement vehicle for a week... build quality is abysmal. Interior door panels are loose on all 4 doors, the steering wheel is shiny polymer/plastic, pressing cruise control buttons results in the whole cruise plastic assembly moving, rattles/buzzing everywhere, engine feels underpowered, auto tranny jerks (that's nothing new though, in my experience, but come on, Honda, fix it already!). GF has a new 2011 Accord Coupe EX-L and while it is for the most part of decent quality, there was an annoying sunroof rattle present at first (fixed with some sticky tape). Point being, I am very disappointed with Honda. But did drive a 2011 Mazda6 for 2 weeks and while the interior was spartan/cheap, both the GF and I enjoyed the car.
        • 3 Years Ago
        @Kevin W
        you have the very rare DISI RENSIS LOL
      Bryan Pizzuti
      • 3 Years Ago
      Before we ask what? Why would we ask why Mazda released the app for the second most widespread smartphone platform while putting off the most widespread smartphone platform until later? Huh? Why would we ask that? :)
      • 3 Years Ago
      What about WebOS?
      • 3 Years Ago
      I have this. Great app.