Back in the 1990s, Acura sold a car here called the Vigor. It was later succeeded by the TL, which has led to the model we know and love today. But this isn't a mid-size Japanese luxury sedan. This is a sportscar. From Italy.

What you see here is the first glimpse we've received from a new automaker based in Tuscany called Vygor. The new marque is reportedly preparing to unveil a sportscar as well as a four-door model, but details of either are scarce.

The name to us sounds more like a Carpathian despot from Ghostbusters than an Italian sportscar, and the snout pictured above looks just as angry. But hopefully come October 10 it'll step outside the painting and captivate our imaginations instead of Sigourney Weaver's baby. Stay tuned, and follow the jump for the awkwardly poetic press release.
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Power of emotion

Vygor was born in Tuscany, a land rich in works of art and emotions.

Vygor is the emotion to see a unique work of art challenging the road with proud eyes, the body sinuous like a feline and the elegance of a dream...

an emotional car, like a windblow in the skin, like a thrill of sudden pleasure which takes your breath away...and unleashes emotions...

the emotion to hear the thunder of the engine which is pure adrenalin, aggressive and biting as you have always dreamt but also mild as silk...

the emotion of touching a panther...

the emotion of taming the power...

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