The 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid will start its global journey in three month's time.

Word is the Prius Plug-in will launch in Japan in January of 2012 and hit dealerships across Europe around the same time. Toyota is expected to price the Prius Plug-in Hybrid at around three million yen ($38,922 U.S. at today's exchange rate) in Japan and says it expects to sell 50,000 of the cord-equipped Prius liftbacks globally by the end of 2012.

For trips of less than 15 miles, the Prius Plug-in operates in electric-only mode (well, sort of). Beyond that distance, the plug-in Prius switches to its ultra fuel-efficient hybrid mode (where it's estimated to get 49 miles per gallon using the EPA's rating system), balancing motivation between its electric motor and its gasoline engine.

In Japan, Toyota will reportedly install charging stations at some 5,500 locations to support the deployment of its plug-in Prius. This subscription-based charging infrastructure will allow Prius drivers to drop in for a charge. For more details on the 2012 Prius Plug-in, check out our First Drive.

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      • 14 Hours Ago
      "Europe in January" it is the first time I saw this information. Is it a mistake? or a BIG new for Europe. The PIII Plug_in is expected in Europe late 2012
      • 14 Hours Ago
      In two months, Plugin Prii will be rolling on the face of earth. Prius is still the best selling car in Japan so this will only boost that lead.
      • 14 Hours Ago
      This blog amazes me sometimes. If it ain't in the US, it does not exist, and it becoming blatantly obvious that the Japanese will be able to drive anywhere on their islands on electric very soon is of no interest, judging by the number of posts here! I had not realised quite what 'only in America' meant!
        Marco Polo
        • 14 Hours Ago
        @David A good observation. Have you noticed that on the Volt article there were a large number of new Prius defenders all hell bent on attacking the Volt and Leaf, yet here on article about Prius, not one post? The obvious conclusion is that the Prius defenders were not fans of Prius (an excellent vehicle) but anti-Volt, anti-EV campaigner(s). Now, there a conspiracy theory to add to the general weirdness to add to the Leaf -v-Volt debate!
      • 14 Hours Ago
      5,500 charging stations? That is a huge number. The source tells us that: 'Toyota will be setting up charging stations at 5,500 of its dealerships and car rental locations.' This has to be as much for its coming BEV models as well as the Prius. Between this and Nissan and Mitsubishi's efforts Japan should soon have loads of statiions.