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Could this be Seat's version of the Volkswagen Up!? Skoda recently showed off its take on the Up! runabout, the Citigo, and it's plausible that VW wants to make the biggest statement possible with the little car. The diminutive hatchback could also be employed to help reverse Seat's fortunes – remember, in May of 2010, the Spanish brand was put on notice about its financial performance. An innovative and inexpensive city car could help round out the planned portfolio expansion.

At the Frankfurt Motor Show, our sister UK site reported that Seat was working on a sporty version of the Up! that would be "good to drive." However, there wasn't any additional information at the source site, so we aren't sure how much of the image above is an actual photo and how much is rendering. We expect it would still come, as the rest, with either the 59- or 74-horsepower, 1.0-liter three-clinder engines.

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      VW has become the automotive expert at cloning
      • 3 Years Ago
      Sorry if I'm asking a stupid question, but how is SEAT different from Skoda and VW? Looking at news like this makes me wonder if it's just a redundant brand, not unlike Pontiac and Plymouth.
        • 3 Years Ago
        Since 2000 in vw view Seat should be the "economic/sporty" brand but they messed up so many times, first with sloppy boring design, then with a bunch of mpv and at the end with the Audi A4 rebadging. But the problem is not only that, the brand, at the opposite of Skoda, it's not selling good. Furthermore, rumors say that vw will close the brand if it will not bringing quick results.
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        No Seat has used the Passat's platform. The Toledo and Leon shared their underpinnings with the Golf. Both the Ibiza and Arosa debuted before their respective Polo and Lupo counterparts, with only the Arosa/Lupo being little more than a badge job. VAG cleverly markets VW, Seat and Skoda to very different types of buyer and market groups.
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      • 3 Years Ago
      VW Up Skoda Yours Seat Too How's that for badge engineering nomenclature?
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