Toray Industries, a multinational corporation headquartered in Japan that specializes in industrial fibers and textiles, has teamed with world-renowned designer Gordon Murray to dream up the T-Wave AR1, a two-seat electric concept that showcases Toray's carbon fiber expertise.

Toray says the T-Wave AR1 can hit speeds of up to 91 miles per hour and has a range of around 115 miles. Although it's nothing more than a concept, Toray claims the T-Wave could be modified for on-road use.

The T-Wave's extensive use of carbon fiber keeps weight to a minimum (1,865 pounds), and its carbon fiber monocoque makes it Superman strong. Toray says the AR1's frame is roughly ten times as rugged as a steel equivalent and that it can absorb 2.5 times more energy during a collision. The T-Wave will get an official debut at the Toray Advanced Materials Symposium at the Tokyo International Forum on September 14.


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