Mazda's slightly remodeled Demio (aka the Mazda2 in this neck of the woods) subcompact has topped Japan's latest "Eco Cars" survey conducted by research firm SC-Abeam Consulting. The facelifted Demio is the first to feature Mazda's 1.3-liter SkyActiv gasoline engine.

The Demio, which starts at 1.15 million yen ($14,950 U.S. at the current exchange rate), returns the equivalent of 58.8 miles per gallon on Japan's JC08 evaluation cycle. That, according to Mazda chief executive officer Takashi Yamanouchit, is equal to the fuel economy rating of the Honda Fit Hybrid subcompact, priced from 1.59 million yen ($20,670 U.S.).

The Demio won the contest with 269 votes. Grabbing second place in the "Eco Cars" survey was the Toyota Prius (170 votes), followed by the Toyota Prius Alpha (111 votes) and the Honda Fit Shuttle Hybrid (55 votes).

The "Eco Cars" survey asked 500 people (all involved in vehicle manufacturing, production of parts or sales) to rank 24 hybrid and fuel-efficient vehicles sold in Japan. Oddly, electric-only vehicles were excluded.

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      I guess that i will buy a car like that in 10-15 years from now because of the lack of green car offerings. I would have preferred a hydrogen fuelcell car with an hydrogen maker inside or at least an hydrogen conversion for my actual car. The way the market is evolving indicate that there will never be a green car on the market. The leaf is a deadend and the volt is seriously limited as a greenerie and on top of that is costly. But maybe the audi's tcng e-gas and hydrogen from windmill supposedly timed for 1013 can be a game changer. I guess that this perticular project is not sincere and is just a way for german petrol heads to renegociate their earning in the petrol cartel because the technology is pretty basic and could be done in week long time ago so they are just naging us instead and they just want a bigger share into the petrol cartel, maybe bigger deposits into swiss bank accounts.
      Arun Murali
      • 1 Day Ago
      How many of those surveyed actually owned a Mazda Demio and driven it for more than 10000 kms? Or they decided that it is the most eco car based on how many people thought it is green.