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Imagine the car that most accurately approximates the spirit of rock music. A Dodge Challenger with a Hemi under the hood? A Ford F-150? Maybe an old Lincoln? How about a Renault Wind? Well, maybe not, but the French automaker is, at least, the one that has teamed up with Gibson for a pair of unique creations.

Renault Gordini by GibsonThe partnership includes, first of all, a special-edition Gibson SG '61 guitar with decked out in Gordni blue with white stripes and Gordini nameplate. The collaboration has also extended to a unique Renault Wind Gordini by Gibson show car that features the same paint scheme as the guitar (and other Gordini models) but with Gibson logos and guitar strings woven right into the leather seats. Even the audio system has Gibson guitar knobs for controls.

This isn't the first time that cars and guitars have teamed up on these pages, what with the Fender sound systems on new Volkswagens and the Blackbird carbon fiber acoustic guitar made for Ferrari. Whether it's a worthwhile use of the Gibson name, however, is a matter of perspective. Follow the jump for the press release and check out the images in the gallery for a closer look.
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Renault Gordini and Gibson in tune with a special show car and guitar at the Rock En Seine Festival

To mark its second year at the Rock En Seine music festival, near Paris, France, Gordini has teamed up with Gibson to produce a one-off show car and an equally unique 'Gordini by Gibson' electric guitar. Gates open at 2:30pm on August 26, 2011.

- The leather seats of the Renault Wind-based 'Gordini by Gibson' show car incorporate real guitar strings, in addition to a host of other rocking details.

- Gibson's iconic SG model from 1961 has been treated to a stunning makeover featuring the familiar Gordini blue with white stripes.

Gordini and Gibson: a shared passion for innovation

There will be plenty to please the ears and eyes of Parisian festival goers this weekend thanks to a display comprising the one-off Wind 'Gordini by Gibson' show car plus five striking Gibson SG '61 guitars in Gordini colours. The early 1960s saw Gordini and Gibson both revolutionise their respective worlds with the introduction of a sporting version of the Renault 8 for the former and the release of the SG electric guitar in the case of Gibson. The two brands have long been reputed for the accent they place on innovation and their open-minded approach to the future is founded on the same sense of freedom. The fact that Gibson and Gordini have joined forces for this project could but inspire Renault's designers...

"We had tremendous fun designing the Wind-based 'Gordini by Gibson' show car and carrying Gordini's visual identity over to the Gibson SG '61 guitar," says Julia Macfarlane, colours and materials designer at Renault. "I hope that we succeed in conveying the passion that fired us throughout the project and that visitors to the Rock en Seine festival will like the result."

Guitar strings for the Wind 'Gordini by Gibson' show car's leather seats

Wind 'Gordini by Gibson' is a two-part harmony based on the two brands' respective styling cues. Unsurprisingly, Wind 'Gordini by Gibson' features a blue livery with two white stripes, yet the colours and materials it employs also explore one or two other ideas. In addition to the two hallmark white stripes which extend over the bonnet and blue roof, hints of gloss black feature across the bodywork, while Gibson logos are visible on the doors. An original attraction of the show car's blue and white leather upholstery is the incorporation of genuine guitar strings which have been hand-sewn into the leather seats. Meanwhile, embroidered Gibson logos feature on the seat backs and blue leather-trimmed dashboard, while the seat belt straps are white and chrome has been used for the air vents and door handles. Last but not least, the guitar potentiometer knob used for the audio system's volume control adds a 'fun' touch to the intrinsically switched-on and off-beat Wind 'Gordini by Gibson' show car.

Gordini treatment for the SG '61 electric guitar

The guitar selected by Gibson to fly Gordini's colours is a reissue of the original 1961 SG, a radical electric guitar in its day which went on to make its own contribution to the Gibson legend. The striking graphics formed by the Gordini blue and two white stripes lend themselves perfectly to a variety of schemes, as illustrated by the special Gordini SG '61's blue solid body and two white stripes, plus a Gordini logo on the headstock which tops its ebony neck. As they play this magnificent object, those festival goers who take part in the Gordini guitar solo competition will get a chance to sample the model's timeless looks, playability and technical strengths. Contestants also stand a chance to win one these fine guitars as a function of the number of votes they receive on the web for their playing.

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        Where the hell do you get your info from? Because some of the stuff you say is so asinine. They weren't shut down at all. They're pending investigation because they were suspected to be using materials that are illegal to harvest.
          • 3 Years Ago
          No, they weren't shut down, but, they are being investigated by OUR government for laws of ANOTHER country. Not only has Gibson been legal for years and had all necessary documentation on site, but when contacted, the government of Madagascar said they had never asked the US to do anything on their behalf and and are even concerned that this will harm their workers and commerce. Gibson has already been told that one way to 'stay legal' would be to move operations to Madagascar. Wow, worst unemployment in 60 years and this administration wants a company to send 1,300 jobs overseas. Just awesome.
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      Cool guitar, but Renault? Very odd combo.
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      Once again all of you ignorant liberals have no clues about much of anything. Gibson is and has done nothing that all other guitar manufactorers do. Gibson RULES LIBERALS are IDIOTS
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      The blue/white stripe combo is eerily similar to the Italia Maranello Speedster guitar... Oh well, Gordini is awesome!
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      Salesman: The numbers all go to eleven. Look, right across the board, eleven, eleven, eleven and... Customer: Oh, I see. And most Renaults go up to ten? Salesman: Exactly. Customer: Does that mean it's faster? Is it any faster? Salesman: Well, it's one faster, isn't it? It's not ten. You see, most blokes, you know, will be driving at ten. You're on ten here, all the way up, all the way up, all the way up, you're on ten on your car. Where can you go from there? Where? Customer: I don't know. Salesman: Nowhere. Exactly. What we do is, if we need that extra push over the cliff, you know what we do? Customer: Put it up to eleven. Salesman: Eleven. Exactly. One faster. Customer: Why don't you just make ten faster and make ten be the top number and make that a little faster? Salesman: These go to eleven.
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      Contrary to Mcfreadbudda's teabagger frothing, the government of Madagascar doesn't need to make a request to the US government; the US is a signatory to the CiTES treaty, so it enforces it as US law. And if Gibson "has been legal for years," why have they been raided twice for suspicion of smuggling endangered species? And the government of Madagascar doesn't support illegal logging and smuggling, no matter what teabaggers say. And it's ludicrous that Gibson would move their operations overseas just to have the wood they use for fretboards. These woods are getting harder to get anyway--Gibson's going to have to go to sustainable woods sooner or later. And Gibson already has guitars made in the Far East. And blaming Obama because US Fish and Wildlife is enforcing decades-old laws against harming endangered species is right-wing fearmongering--and so easily disproven. And if Gibson is such a great, all-American company, why are they partnering with Renault?
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      The blue/white stripes combo makes that guitar look eerily similar to an Italia Maranello Speedster.