Indiana Test Track from above

If you're shopping for a vehicle near Naperville, Illinois, you may have a chance to put your possible purchases through the gauntlet on at a new facility. The town has joined forces with local dealers to create a driving course that would reduce the number of test drives on public streets and give buyers a better sense of the type of vehicle they were purchasing before they signed on the dotted line. The course features a variety of pavement types, a small parking area and even a sprinkler system to allow for foul-weather evaluations.

While the entire facility is housed in an area roughly the size of a mall parking lot, reports that the course gives buyers a safe way to more or less fully evaluate a vehicle. Given that most dealers simply offer up pre-planned routes that give only the faintest impression of what a vehicle will be like to live with, we wish more dealers and buyers had access to similar test track. Head over to to check it out in greater detail.