Opel Trixx concept

General Motors
of Europe president Nick Reilly says Opel fully expects to turn a profit on its upcoming minicar. According to Reilly, the city car's up-scale features mean that the automaker will be able to charge a premium price for the vehicle and, in turn, should let Opel profit from the supermini.

Recently, Reilly told Automotive News that the urban runabout, codenamed Junior, will be aimed at "people who care about the status of their car, what it can do, what features it has, what telematics it has" and rather openly admits the Junior will be more expensive than Opel's other offering in the minicar segment, the Agila. Reilly says of the Junior, "It will have a more premium price for its segment," but claims that Opel, despite reports to the contrary, is not looking to have this vehicle compete with the Mini Cooper.

The Junior is expected to be unveiled at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. Production is tentatively slated for 2013.

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      Hope it has more than the 15 kW that mandated minicars have, since rather similarly sized smart fortwo has 52 kW micro-hybrid and said Mini Cooper comes with 90 kW regular engine. If the price doesn't have too much premium, this should make a good car for many. Perhaps it's competing with 2007 Fiat 500 (51 kW / 102 Nm), since that has received more upscale status with some designers already making their interior for it.