is working hard to revamp its existing lineup, and the first phase is underway thanks to some updated sheetmetal. Next year, Acura's main focus will be to increase the fuel efficiency of its portfolio, and this will be accomplished by the addition of hybrid powertrains for certain models. According to Automotive News, the TL, RDX and MDX are all slated to get a gas-electric option.

In addition to the hybrid automobiles, Acura is looking to revive both the RSX and NSX nameplates. The RSX will be offered as a sedan for the 2013 model year, and then a coupe starting in 2015. We won't get excited for the NSX just yet (its on-again/off-again reports have left us a bit cold), but rumor has it that we could see the Acura sports car by 2014. Fingers, toes, arms and legs are all crossed for that one.

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      Levine Levine
      • 8 Months Ago
      If the hybrid Acura uses the same IMA, it's DOA. For over a decade, Honda has been trying to force-feed the IMA on the unsuspecting consumer. Today, Prius out sells Insight, 7 to 1. Acura started out as Honda's luxury brand. Somewhere along the way Honda forgot what the name plate stands for. At first, Honda wanted the Acura to compete against Lexus. Then later, it tried to be the performance luxury car in competition with BMW. Willy-nilly Honda failed in both. Today, Acura is brand in search for an identity because the idiots at Honda don't know what they want.
      • 8 Months Ago
      More honda fail
      2 Wheeled Menace
      • 8 Months Ago
      Prediction: 1) Honda won't do the smart thing and make the engine a atkinson cycle variant. 2) It'll get 5-7mpg better. Whoopee!
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