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OnStar began its helpful ways back in 1995. Since then, GM's telematics systems has focused its efforts on providing assistance to North American motorists. Now, the vehicle communications giant is looking to venture further out into the world.

OnStar took its first steps in the global marketplace by entering China in 2009. Up next? The Middle East and Latin America are slated to receive the push-button treatment. There's a massive pool of motorists for OnStar to court globally, and if the service becomes popular outside of North America, it could rapidly expand beyond its current six million subscribers.

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      A coworker of mine recently renewed the OnStar in her 2010 GMC Terrain just in case something unexpected happened on her family vacation. Sure enough, on their way back they got a flat tire. Her husband tried to air it back up with no luck. Then they tried using OnStar. They explained their situation to OnStar, even that they were currently about 350 miles from home. A few minutes later, OnStar informed them that they could only get into contact with one towing company. After hearing the name of the company, my coworker realized that OnStar was calling businesses in her hometown, 350 miles away. If that's the best GM and OnStar can do for $200 a year, I will have to pass.
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        There had to be a communication problem. As much as I use the onstar service there has never been a problem.
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      I dont know what onstar is .. but what about Europe :p