Morgan 3 Wheeler

We'll be the first to admit that we'd perform all kinds of unseemly acts for the chance to own the new Morgan 3 Wheeler. The resurrected interpretation of the British manufacturer's very first vehicle calls to us in a way that's difficult to explain. Maybe it's the sound of that big American V-twin out front or our unexplainable propensity for vehicles with less than four wheels. Maybe we just admire the insanity of a manufacturer willing to produce a machine that looks like its sole intent is to cause you physical harm. Whatever it is, we want one, and watching the guys from Fifth Gear play with the machine has only stoked that desire.

Morgan let the Fifth Gear crew into the English countryside with the topless machine for a spell, and, despite the fact that the beast is loud, uncomfortable, hot and a little on the squirrely side, it looks like they enjoyed themselves as much as we did. Hit the jump for a look at the video for yourself.