• Jul 27th 2011 at 9:53AM
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The United States Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC) – a research collaboration between Chrysler, Ford and General Motors – has awarded LG Chem Power a $9.62-million development contract to focus on reducing the cost of lithium-ion battery packs for plug-in hybrid vehicles with 40 miles of electric-only range (PHEV 40).

The contract calls for LG Chem to attempt to develop a 40-mile battery pack for PHEVs that meets the USABC's performance requirements, while driving down the cost to automakers to the $3,400-mark set by the USABC. This latest contract marks LG Chem's fourth deal with USABC.

USABC is a subsidiary of the United States Council for Automotive Research (USCAR). Enabled by a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of Energy, USABC's mission is to develop energy storage technologies to advance the commercialization of hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles.

[Source: USCAR]
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USABC awards LG Chem Power a development contract to focus on reducing Li-ion PHEV 40 pack cost

The United States Advanced Battery Consortium LLC (USABC) has awarded LG Chem Power Inc. (LGCPI) a development contract valued at $9.62 million; the program aims to make significant strides toward achieving the USABC goals for PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) 40-mile battery pack system performance requirements while driving down the cost to automakers toward the USABC goal of $3,400.

This latest award marks the company's fourth development contract with USABC.

USABC is a subsidiary of the United States Council for Automotive Research LLC (USCAR), the collaborative automotive technology company for Chrysler Group LLC, Ford Motor Company and General Motors. Enabled by a cooperative agreement with the US Department of Energy, USABC's mission is to develop electrochemical energy storage technologies that support commercialization of hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      Marco Polo
      • 4 Years Ago
      There is a certain sad irony in the US DoE and USCAR, asking a South Korean company to solve a a problem in Industrial technology . The pupil, has become the master.
        • 4 Years Ago
        @Marco Polo
        I think the work is done in the USA, at the former Compact Power Inc subsidiary of LG Chem in Colorado. http://www1.eere.energy.gov/vehiclesandfuels/pdfs/merit_review_2009/energy_storage/es_07_alamgir.pdf seems to summarize an earlier contract. The goals are fine: while researching "Pack Design/Production/Support" focus on "Life (Calendar-and Cycle), Thermal management, Abuse-tolerance, Cost". I guess the contracts help direct next-generation research to meet the companies' needs while they order available batteries. But if GM, Ford, or Chrysler sat down with a battery supplier and said we want these thermal characteristics, this abuse tolerance, for this money in 2014, surely LG Chem would factor that into their own R&D.
          Marco Polo
          • 4 Years Ago
          Oh, i don't doubt that what you say is quite correct. My observation intended as an ironic quip, not a serious proposal the the US is incapable performing the research. Actually it's a compliment to 50 years of US encouragement and investment in South Korea that LG is as successful as it is.
      • 4 Years Ago
      Let me know where I can get a $3400 chevy volt battery pack brand new and I will be right over to pick it up.
      • 11 Months Ago
      $3400 isn't an unreasonable goal. Since the Volt is probably at around $400 per kWh now (down from $625 per kWh in early 2010 according to Dr. Patil of LGChem) getting to $3400 / 13 kWh = $260 would be about a 40% reduction in price per kWh. I would imagine that one of the ways to make the battery less expensive is to simply use fewer kWh by going to a pack that tolerates deeper discharges. But getting below $300 per kWh would be a huge step in making plug in cars affordable enough for regular car buyers. The Leaf is that affordable now, the Volt is not. And when the credit goes away in 3-5 years, neither will the Leaf, unless Nissan can keep the price reductions rolling in. I doubt this is going to have anything to do with the Gen II Volt, but if there is a Gen III, it might.
      Dan Frederiksen
      • 4 Years Ago
      that should be easily handled. just lower the price to 200$/kWh which is no doubt still profitable for them. but I wonder what the wording of the contract is. if we give you 10m$ do you think you can tone down your greed for us? there's really nothing they can change in the production to make it cheaper. there's the raw material cost and there is their own production. but if it's just cash motivation to lower prices then I'm all for that really. if that's what will happen. but if they pretend they tried somehow and say give us 100m more and we might be able to do it then it's not so great.
        Marco Polo
        • 4 Years Ago
        @Dan Frederiksen
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