2011 Scion tC

Scion is urging its dealers to ratchet up a new online buying system, according to Automotive News. The program borrows elements from the Amazon retail experience to allow car buyers to configure their vehicle as they see fit, find it at local dealership, secure financing and make the buy at a no-haggle price. Scion even wants the cars to be able to be delivered to the consumer's home, though that doesn't mean that physical dealerships are going anywhere any time soon. The report says that Scion won't force its dealers to operate exclusively online. Right now, the projects is merely in its concept phase.

According to Jack Hollis, Scion vice president, the idea sprung from the fact that consumers already shop and purchase everything from homes to boats online. The VP says that cars are simply the next logical step, especially given the brand's "Gen Y" demographic. That's despite the fact that most studies indicate that the large majority of car shoppers aren't into electronically interacting with dealers. Automotive News reports that 65-70 percent of car shoppers never contact the dealer they purchase from before walking through the doors.
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