2012 Mercedes-Benz ML350 Bluetec

If there's one thing the world needs, it's another BMW X6, right? Mercedes-Benz seems to think so – after all, this isn't the first time we've heard rumblings about a four-door coupe-crossover from the German automaker. Now, Automotive News reports that the new X6 rival will be built at Mercedes' Tuscaloosa, Alabama plant.

Makes sense to us. The swoopy new crossover – speculated to be dubbed 'GLS' – is understood to be based on the redesigned 2012 M-Class, which is also being built at the Tuscaloosa facility. Sources within Mercedes-Benz have told Automotive News that the new crossover will likely start production around 2015.

This announcement of the new M-Class variant's production plans is part of a larger $2 million investment in the Tuscaloosa facility. In addition to the new M-Class, Mercedes-Benz has said that the C-, R- and GL-Class vehicles will also be produced in Alabama.