Picture a Lamborghini these days, and you're about as likely to imagine a roadster as you might a coupe. But that hasn't always been the case, because for most of the company's history, they didn't offer any convertibles at all. Sure, the Jalpa and Silhouette offered removable targa-style roof panels, but that was about it until the Diablo VT Roadster came along in 1995 (and even that was more of a targa), followed by the recently discontinued Murciélago Roadster and the many versions of the Gallardo Spyder, which was really the first proper convertible in the company's history. But these days, Sant'Agata has a whole mess of new convertibles on the drawing board.

The Aventador is likely to get a similar type of open-air treatment as the Murciélago did before it. And rumor has it that the Gallardo will spawn a convertible version of the purist's choice LP550-2 before the entire line is eventually replaced by the rumored Cabrera, which will almost certainly get a roadster version as well.

But beyond the existing core range, Top Speed suggests that there are a couple more open-air Lambos in the mix. For one, if and when the Sesto Elemento reaches limited production for public consumption, it could lead to a droptop version as well. After all, Lambo could hardly resist the prospect with the Sesto's spiritual predecessor, the Reventón, which lead to a limited run of 15 roadsters.

Finally rumors are circulating that, if Sant'Agata opts to build the Estoque sedan over the prospect of a crossover, this could lead to a convertible version as well. Of course, that's skipping the front-engine coupe that would likely bridge the gap, taking a similar path to the Panamera from sister-company Porsche.

Between the Aventador, Gallardo LP550-2, Cabrera, Sesto Elemento and Estoque, Lamborghini certainly appears to have a lot of prospects up in the air. We'll just have to see which ones open up.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 3 Years Ago
      Lamborghini's lack of serious racing credentials lately has watered down the brand. Volkswagen probably needs to pour some of Audi's racing budget into this brand.
        • 3 Years Ago
        I'm curious what you base that on. Lamborghinis aim was never to be a racing company but to build the ultimate road car. I don't think sinking multi-millions into racing is going to further the brand anymore than their current efforts. On top of that, their cars have progressed amazingly far in the last 20 years in terms of performance as well as overall comfort and usability.
        Krishan Mistry
        • 3 Years Ago
        Unlike rival Enzo Ferrari, a racing driver come entrepreneur who only made road cars to fund his racing programme, Ferrucino Lamborghini focused exclusively on making very fine road cars that were luxurious too. Certainly a step up from tractor building. So in no way does not having manufacturer support in big league racing dilute the brand. Audi, despite what most say, is the best thing that ever happened to Lamborghini ever since a grumpy old man ticked off a tractor maker over a sports car. Lamborghinis are now fine road cars from a financially stable company that dont fall apart or go tempermental, not common in the company's bumpy past. That being said, more good things like Murcielago RGT GT racers and Gallardo Trofero spec racers will be much appreciated. How about putting that 4wd system to use in an Aventador rally car? Not WRC because all they do is subcompact turbo 4 bangers nowadays, but something else. Just need to raise the ground clearance above 2 millemeters and take the granite out of the suspension, with a lot of money VW has lying around.
          • 3 Years Ago
          @Krishan Mistry
          Rally Lambo would be awesome. Almost like a lambo 959
      • 3 Years Ago
      Maybe they should introduce themselves in racing, but as mentioned, they do have progressed themselves substantially as strict road car. Would like to see them as an official racing team though.