ford focus ev

Ford will soon roll-out its all-new Focus EV, and the silent electric sedan will be available in 14 select markets. Before the car makes it that far, however, Ford could be changing that "silent" part. The automaker has posted a few soundbites on its Facebook page, with the hopes of gauging market opinion of what the electric Focus should sound like.

We won't make you head to Facebook to hear the four sounds that Ford has in mind. We WILL, however, make you click past the jump, and if you have a moment, click on your favorite choice in the poll below.

And before you say Ford should leave the Focus EV as quiet as possible, remember that the powers-that-be in Washington have been pushing a bill that would force automakers to make their EVs a bit noisier as an effort to protect the blind. Now, it's time to meet George Jetson...

What should Ford's Focus EV sound like?
Sound A778 (13.8%)
Sound B1471 (26.2%)
Sound C921 (16.4%)
Sound D1132 (20.1%)
None of the above1321 (23.5%)

Sound A

Sound B

Sound C

Sound D