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Recargo – a plug-in vehicle mobile application developer – has launched its upgraded charging station locator app; Recargo 1.5. Enhancements include a real-time comments section – crowd-sourced from drivers across the U.S. – and photo sharing. According to Recargo, the upgraded app will allow drivers to instantly warn others of faulty chargers and share photos to assist in locating chargers in maze-like parking structures.
Recargo chief executive officer and founder, Brian Kariger, says that:
Our goal is to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by giving drivers instant access to the information they need to make range anxiety a figment of the imagination. Up-to-the-minute reports from the roadside are part of the answer.
Recargo 1.5 currently maps more than 1,000 charging stations worldwide and is accompanied by Google Street View, which provides street-level images of individual chargers. Recargo 1.5 is available as a free download for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users in Apple's iTunes App Store.

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Recargo 1.5, Developed by Internet Industry Veterans, Includes Real-Time Comment Section, News Feed and Photo Sharing

LOS ANGELES, CA, June 1, 2011-Recargo, the electric vehicle (EV) mobile app developer lead by the founder of Dictionary.com, today announced the release of Recargo 1.5. Upgrades to the EV charger-finder app include the industry's only real-time comments section, crowd-sourced from drivers for chargers coast to coast, a news feed and photo sharing.

The upgraded app allows drivers to instantly warn others of faulty chargers, share eyewitness reports and photos to help locate chargers in maze-like garages and elsewhere, and leave tips about nearby amenities such as restaurants and malls. Recargo's charger maps are accompanied by Google Street Views, which provide broad street-level photographs of charger sites.

"Our goal is to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by giving drivers instant access to the information they need to make range anxiety a figment of the imagination," said Recargo CEO and founder Brian Kariger. "Up-to-the-minute reports from the roadside are part of the answer. In addition, our news section keeps drivers and prospective electric car owners informed about every facet of the industry."

Recargo 1.5 maps more than 1,000 EV charging sites worldwide that are compatible with current and upcoming cars such as the Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt and Tesla Roadster. It is available as a free download for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users in Apple's App Store.

Kariger lead the company that grew Dictionary.com to more than 20 million monthly visitors by focusing on the customer experience and innovation. After extensive consultation with EV drivers, both very early adopters and new owners, he and his new team launched the Recargo.com website in July 2010, then the iPhone app in December 2010. For the app's news feed, he partnered with PluginCars.com, which provides news and reviews by industry experts as well as EV journalists and how-to's about owning and operating plug-in vehicles.

"The health of the electric car market heavily depends upon well-informed early adopters sharing their candid, real-world experiences," said Brad Berman, editor of Plugincars.com. "The upgraded Recargo app allows electric car drivers and shoppers to easily read about and share the latest EV news and knowledge."

Much of Recargo's initial charger location information was licensed from EVChargerNews.com, which was also the source for the U.S. Dept. of Energy's Alternative Fueling Station Locator. Recargo builds on this data and continuously improves it through a mixture of crowdsourcing, partnerships and targeted internal efforts. Since its launch, it has doubled the amount of data amassed.

"We recognized early on the need for a system that could scale to meet the needs of the electric car community as it grows from thousands to millions of drivers," Kariger said. "We want to provide the ultimate experience for people who drive electric cars."

About Recargo: Recargo is a free mobile application, available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, for locating plug-in vehicle chargers worldwide, regardless of manufacturer or network. It was created by Recargo, Inc., a Los Angeles-based software development company founded by Brian Kariger, founder and former CEO of Lexico Publishing Group, LLC., publishers of Dictionary.com, Thesaurus.com and Reference.com. Lexico was acquired by IAC/Ask.com in 2008, at which time Dictionary.com was the world's most popular online English-language dictionary.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 1 Month Ago
      www.partnerfacts.com my site will be live soon.... Thanks
      • 1 Month Ago
      OH BOY that is all we need people watching there I-crap for a charger in a city with thousands of other drivers and pedestrians to hit. Yea good idea. Sarcasim It should be made so they can only use it if car is parked.
        • 1 Month Ago
        Another FUD post. These maps could easily be integrated with the phone's navigation system as an overlay. So that they can be set as a destination or way point. This is MUCH better than having people trying to look at physical maps. And studies have shown that GPS navigation (when done correctly) is saves time, fuel (or kwh), and is safer.. than driving around getting lost and trying to stare at street signs and landmarks.
          • 1 Month Ago
          I do agree with all that but people holding their phones up to watch the little screen can be very dangerous.That is why I think it needs to be done when parked.
      Dave D
      • 1 Month Ago
      Now that Android is passing the iPhone for the lead in the US market share....can we get someone to stop making every friggin app for the iPhone only please????
      • 1 Month Ago
      Where is Android version?!?!
      • 1 Month Ago
      This is wonderful!!!! I wish i thought of this... Im really pulling for the EVs in America. I'm most certain we are already generating plenty of electricity.. (They generate too much in order to cover peak usage times). All this unused power could be used in EVs ... Its time to stop making the mid east rich on oil... plus an added bonus is our city streets air will improve 1000 percent if everyone used this. Less Acid rain means our oceans will start to heal some too. And this app will add the range on the EV tremendously. Id rather buy a soda every few hundred miles and relax than to fill up at a 100 bucks a tank to save a half hour. Waiting for a quick charge is saving you big money in gas.... So much its like you are earning 200/an hour in savings while charging.
      • 1 Month Ago
      This is useful to find a plug but will the plug be occupied with another car for hours ?? One scenario that can happen is this: you find the charger but it is used by someone else for 4 hours and there is someone else already waiting and he need it for 6 hours. So 4 hours plus 6 hours equal 10 hours plus your 4 to 6 hours charge for a total of 16 hours compare to 5 minutes if you have a gasoline car or a hydrogen car. As soon as this scenario begin authorities will remove the public chargers because it cause heavy traffic and there will be insufficient space around the chargers. Anyway each battery car is or will be a failure as soon as goverment stop subsidies, it's just politics, it ain't normal business. Very soon portable, miniutarised hydrogen machinery will appear because it not only applied to cars like battery but also to trucks, zeppelin, aircraft carriers, airplanes, jets, space shuttles, race cars, lawnmowers, cigarette lighters, radio controlled small hobby cars and airplanes, etc, etc. This interruption in time was caused by this website because it is owned by a big oil subsidaries.
        • 1 Month Ago
        "As soon as this scenario begin authorities will remove the public chargers because it cause heavy traffic and there will be insufficient space around the chargers" Yeah.... that makes sense.. /sarcasm 1) Why would they "remove" the chargers... if EVs start showing up in large enough numbers... they will ADD more chargers. 2) If long charge time becomes a problem... then public chargers could easily limit each driver to 1 hour... These are "CONVENIENCE CHARGERS" and are NOT meant to be an EV owner's sole source of power. EV owners will primarily charge to full at home. And public (level 2) chargers only to be used for an hour would be fine. And EV drivers traveling long distances would NOT be using Level 2 (6 hour till full) chargers... they will use Level 3 (30 minute) chargers.
        Dave D
        • 1 Month Ago
        Yeah Gorr....let's do some more hydrogen zeppelins. That's a great friggin idea ROFLMAO

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