Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG goes to middle school – Click above for high-res image gallery

We're no stranger to the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. The automaker's two-seat flagship, powered by a 6.2-liter V8 rated at 563 horsepower, has been covered ad nauseam on our pages since its introduction nearly two years ago. We are big fans of the 3,573-pound aluminum-bodied sports car, so we've never avoided a chance to grab its key fob, swing open the unique "gull wing" doors and take it for a spin.

Presented with another opportunity to spend time with the eye-catching coupe, and realizing another driving review was simply out of the question, we chose to take the $203,500 Benz to a local middle school and see what the kids thought of it. Unlike us journalists, often oversaturated with horsepower and sexy sheet metal, the unjaded minds of kids could offer all of us a new perspective.

With that in mind, we offered the Art Club students a chance to draw the SLS. The young group meets a few times a month, during lunch, so the kids eat and sketch at the same time. Most importantly, they attend class simply because they enjoy it.

Parked in the quad, smack in the middle of campus, the Mago Alanite Grey (over Classic Red leather) SLS captured quite a bit of attention from the students and faculty. Most knew about the car, thanks to heaps of automotive media coverage, but few had seen one this closely in person. The kids were impressed by the automatic rear spoiler and flashy wheels, but it was the signature doors that mesmerized everyone on campus (we must have opened/closed them two dozen times).

As expected, our middle school image gallery is an interesting mix of color, gray scale, texture and talent. Understandable, as the students were each handed a blank sheet of paper with vague guidance - draw what you see, and draw what you like - they had only about 45 minutes to complete their work (remember, they also had to eat). Special thanks to Dr. Jon Sand, principal at Sycamore Canyon School, for giving us the opportunity to bring the SLS AMG to the campus.