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  • May 23rd 2011 at 4:01PM
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When it comes to manufacturing and selling a complicated product like an automobile, a company's relationship with its suppliers is of huge importance. A good working partnership can translate into higher levels of reliability and lower cost as well as early access to cutting-edge tech. According to a new study conducted by Detroit-based consulting firm Planning Perspectives, Toyota has one of the best relationships with its suppliers among all of the world's automakers. The Detroit Bureau reports that this is the first time in three years that the Japanese automaker has held the top slot.

Honda came in just behind Toyota in the study, but Ford, General Motors and Chrysler have made serious strides toward improving their supplier relationship. In the past, the domestic automakers have continuously pressed their suppliers to produce parts with a lower price tag, which generated conflict. That seems to be changing, however. The Planning Perspectives study says that Ford may even overtake Honda and Toyota in coming years.

Meanwhile, Japanese automakers have seen their supplier relationships degrade over repeated recalls and other quality issues.

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      What's going on with this article? The first paragraph says that this is the first time in 3 years that Toyota has made the #1 spot, basically telling us that they've made improvements in supplier relationships to claim that top spot. Then the last paragraph makes what appears to be a totally unsourced claim that "Japanese automakers" have seen their supplier relationships degrade over recalls. That's pretty bizarre because the linked article you claim as your source makes no such claim and far as I can tell you pulled this statement out of your ass. Toyota has had the most recalls of any Japanese automaker so if your claim wasn't total nonsense they'd have sunk lower in the rankings instead of moving up. Your whole post basically sums up as: Toyota improves relationship with suppliers to be #1 but I think that Toyota has degrading relationship with suppliers due to recalls so I'll write a random paragraph that has no source whatsoever to make this nonsense claim.
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        I gave you a thumbs up, but AB saw fit to make it a thumbs down.......I personally despise everything Toyota, I would not drive one if it was given to me.
      Dr. Aquafresh
      • 4 Years Ago
      Wow, suppliers like companies that can afford to pay more for parts??? Shocking!!!
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      That picture sums up all that is wrong with Toyota's current styling. In order to mount their badge on the front of their car, they just plopped an ungainly lump on top of the grill. It bears no relationship to the lines of the grill, there is no integration, it's just piled there on top. It looks cheap and amateurish.