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AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction AwardDo you demand satisfaction? No, not the glove to the face brand, but the type of satisfaction that makes you proud to own the car in your driveway. AutoPacific has done some research to determine which automakers are the doing the best job of keeping customers happy. The results are in for the 2011 Vehicle Satisfaction Awards (VSA), and you may be a wee bit surprise to learn that Lincoln and Chrysler have taken top honors.

Lincoln has earned the award for Highest Satisfaction Premium Brand. Chrysler earns the nod for Highest Satisfaction Popular Brand. Each automaker also earned specific shout-outs for certain vehicles. The Lincoln MKZ was given a VSA in the Luxury Midsize and Hybrid categories, while the MKT nabbed a VSA in the Premium Luxury Crossover SUV spot. Chrysler's Jeep Grand Cherokee earned the Premium Midsize SUV VSA, and the Chrysler Town & Country was given the Minivan VSA.

The top individual nameplates were the Cadillac Escalade (truck) and Mercedes-Benz S-Class (car). You can view all of the winners by clicking past the jump to the full press release.
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AutoPacific Announces 2011 Vehicle Satisfaction Awards

National Survey Reveals Lincoln as Top Premium Brand, Chrysler as Top Popular Brand, Ford Motor Company Has Most Awards with Seven, Mercedes-Benz S-Class as Top Car and Cadillac Escalade as Top Truck.

TUSTIN, Calif., May 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- AutoPacific today announced its 15th annual Vehicle Satisfaction Awards (VSA) to help consumers make informed vehicle purchase decisions.

Carmakers are constantly improving their products and relationships with their customers. They communicate their success by citing the satisfaction of their owners. "Proof of satisfied customers is as good as gold," says George Peterson, president of AutoPacific. "We've found that more than one-third of new car buyers are positively influenced by objective awards based on owner ratings when deciding on a new car or truck."

AutoPacific's Vehicle Satisfaction Award is an industry benchmark for measuring how satisfied an owner is with his/her new vehicle. This study by the Southern California-based automotive research firm summarizes the results of over 68,000 new vehicle owners.

"Vehicles that score highest in the Vehicle Satisfaction Awards are delivering value and satisfaction across a wide range of attributes," says Peterson. "The winners perform well in 48 separate categories that objectively measure the ownership experience."

The vehicle - car or truck - registering highest overall satisfaction in 2011 is the Cadillac Escalade Luxury SUV. The car with the highest overall satisfaction score is the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

At the manufacturer level, multiple top-ranked award winners are: Ford with seven wins; Toyota with four wins; and General Motors and Hyundai with three wins.

"While the economy is strengthening, new vehicle buyers continue to be especially careful in selecting the perfect vehicle for their needs. AutoPacific's Vehicle Satisfaction Award will help this year's customers sort through the 262 car and truck nameplates presently available in the United States. A wise purchase decision is like money in the bank," says Peterson.

Top 2011 model year performers are:



Premium Luxury Car Mercedes-Benz S-Class
Aspirational Luxury Car Hyundai Genesis
Luxury Mid-Size Car Lincoln MKZ
Large Car Ford Taurus and Toyota Avalon (tie)
Premium Mid-Size Car Hyundai Sonata
Mid-Size Car Suzuki Kizashi
Premium Compact Car Volvo C30/S40/V50
Compact Car Hyundai Elantra
Economy Car Honda Fit
Sports Car Porsche 911
Sporty Car Scion tC
Hybrid Car Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

Heavy Duty Pickup Ford F-Series Super Duty
Large Light Duty Pickup Chevrolet Avalanche
Compact Pickup Honda Ridgeline
Luxury Sport Utility Vehicle Cadillac Escalade
Large Sport Utility Vehicle GMC Yukon
Premium Mid-Size Sport Utility Vehicle Jeep Grand Cherokee
Premium Luxury Crossover SUV Lincoln MKT
Luxury Crossover SUV Lexus RX
Large Crossover SUV Ford Flex
Premium Mid-Size Crossover SUV Ford Explorer
Mid-Size Crossover SUV Mitsubishi Outlander
Compact Crossover SUV Kia Sportage
Minivan Chrysler Town & Country
Hybrid Truck Lexus RX450h Hybrid

AutoPacific is a future-oriented automotive marketing and product-consulting firm. Every year AutoPacific publishes a wide variety of syndicated studies on the automotive industry. The firm also conducts extensive proprietary research and consulting for auto manufacturers, distributors, marketers and suppliers worldwide. Company headquarters are in Tustin, California, with an affiliate office in the Detroit area.
Additional information can be found on AutoPacific's websites: www.autopacific.com and www.vehiclevoice.com.

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        hey moron F**off already. Always with your anti american sh_it what are you a honda factory laborer???
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      People who buy Lincolns and Chryslers are easily satisfied because they obviously don't demand much to begin with.
      Jac Zobel de Ayala
      • 4 Years Ago
      What were the respondents smoking when they answered the survey? I'd like some of it.
        • 4 Years Ago
        @Jac Zobel de Ayala
        they were smoking the same stuff the stupid american asian buyers are smoking before they head out to the honda and nissan dealerships to lease their cars...can't even afford to buy one ....
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      Team Marchionne wins again. Chrysler haters and the competition are going to have a rough future.
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          FIAT is taking the Dodge Journey over seas as the Fiat Freemont. Maserati & Lancia are getting a version of the LX platform. Oh, and they're using the new Pentastar V6 in those applications. It's not FIAT replacing Chrysler, it's FIAT integrating with Chrysler. Why is there so much hate on this blog?
      Jesus follower!
      • 4 Years Ago
      I am happy for both. I really like the MKZ, minus its name..it should be ...Zehpyr!
      • 4 Years Ago
      These surveys don't mean doo doo. A while back it was determined that buyers of certain nameplates were more likely to answer surveys and answers callers questions. However, Edmunds and Consumer Reports will be as mad as hell that someone had the nerve to pick two American products as best, they might come down with a severe case of I hate America cars diarrhea.
        • 4 Years Ago
        Amen to that. If you'll look back you can find a nameplate that dominates one year and is shut out the next. It's all in how much you pay them.
      Andrew Murray
      • 4 Years Ago
      I don't know where you people live but come to where I live on Long Island and you will see a new Lincoln everywhere you look. I myself have an MKZ and it is a wonderful car.
      • 4 Years Ago
      These awards are bogus. I can't wait and see a headline int he future that the auto manufacturers and AutoPacific have a deal going on where they pay for what award they want to win. Suzuki Kizashi is a good car, but how can you rate it against a Fusion or Accord with it only having 10 owners? Heck, Suzuki could have just paid their handful of buyers off to rate them perfect!
        • 4 Years Ago
        Or maybe the people who buy the Suzuki Kizashi really wanted the Kizashi and so were more satisfied with their purchase than the people who bought the Accord, not because they really wanted it, but because they were essentially told by the media to buy it. That's not to say one is better than the other.
          • 4 Years Ago
          The media may "tell" people which cars are "better" to buy, but the media does not purchase the car for you. You take it upon yourself to say "This one is the one I want". And on that note, who is to say the people that bought the Accord didn't really want it?
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