Best Motoring Fuji supercar battle – Click above to watch the video after the break

If you were one of the many automotive enthusiasts to shed a tear when it became known that Japan's Best Motoring set off for the giant junkyard in the sky, we have a little piece of good news to cheer you up: there's one final track battle for your viewing pleasure.

Even better news: Best Motoring went out with a bang, pitting the Lexus LFA up against such performance benchmarks as the Nissan GT-R, Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, Porsche 911 GT2 RS and Ferrari F430 GT3.

Yes, there are two almost-race-cars in the mix there along with three machines intended solely for the street, but it doesn't really matter. All such contests should be taken with a grain of salt anyway.

When it's all said and done, what we have here are five mouth-watering supercars on a track together being driven in anger. Want to know how it all shakes out? Check out the video after the break.

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      • 4 Years Ago
      There are a few good learnings in this vid for those who haven't spent much time on a track... 1) Buff-book 0-60 and top-speed times =/= track times. Off-the-line traction is what determines who gets ahead at the start, which is why the only AWD car (GT-R) ran away and hid from the others. The ZR-1 and Ferrari for example are devastatingly quick cars, but lots of power can mean lots of wheelspin off the line, in which case that power's going nowhere until the tires hook up. Lots of power itself does not guarantee consistently fast acceleration. 2) Lap times in a vacuum (i.e. car being driven all by itself at the Nurburgring) are not representative of a race. It's one thing to achieve a faster time when no one is ahead of you. When you actually have to maneuver around a car that got a faster start (taking you off the ideal line) to pass, you're at a disadvantage. Thus, the often-faster cars once they were rolling (LF-A, GT2) didn't win, because the driver in the lead isn't going to hand you that golden opportunity to pass on a platter. 3) As much as I love manuals and would never buy a car without one, there's a reason automated gearboxes are faster on the track. For as much crap as people give the GT2 driver in the vid, he isn't changing gears while pootling to the grocery store. Track driving in a car that powerful means your whole body is being thrown around by g-forces at all times--if you think it's the same as finding first gear in a parking lot, you've never been on a track.
      Shawn Brinker
      • 4 Years Ago
      I really do not care about the results. Any one of these cars could win given different tracks, track conditions, drivers, and so on. None of them are superior as far as performance goes, they are all pretty much equals as far as I am concerned, and they all have different personalities at the same time. I would take any one of these in a heart beat!
      Chris Goldrick
      • 4 Years Ago
      3...2...1...GO! and the LF-A wins automatically.
      • 4 Years Ago
      C'mon guys, who's taking this stuff seriously? It's just fun to watch. There's a good chance nobody here will drive any of these cars (except for maybe the GT-R).
      • 4 Years Ago
      I am not intimately familiar of each driver on BMI's staff however I have noticed that Tsuchiya and Gan-San (No. I don't know his real/full name) are to two most aggressive and skilled drivers. Gan-San retires and it's just Tsuchiya. Hattori was always the most nervous and slacker-like of the drivers. I think he is among the youngest and least experienced as well. BMI usually sticks him in the more involved cars like a Corvette and let's him whine and complain and then just dick around in the car during a "race". What's more, these are I'm pretty sure not their cars. They have to be gentle. So no fender to fender action and a much larger margin making taking and holding position a lot easier than it really would have been in a real race. I'm not posting this to get a rise out of Import fanboys and the geeks. It's just an observation. Like it or lump it. BMI, is a heavily biased show toward JDMs. If you haven't figured that out before now, you're an idiot or a blind fanboy. Example: racing a Mercielago only to have it twice fail the same way (Overheat failure) at roughly the same time (the last bend of the last lap) on two different tracks (Motegi and one other can't recall off hand) on two different sets of race criteria (3lap race and a 5 lap race +"bonus" - read: the GT-R did not win so we are going to go one more so it can- lap at Motegi) as it was the legitimate winner in both cases if they did not throw the race at the end so the GT-R would win. It is a known fact the C6 ZR-1 and the F430 are much more potent cars than were shown. There should have been a much tighter pack and the order much different than it was. It would be easy to say that if Tsuchiya were driving the ZR-1 that the race would end with the GT-R in a 1-2 battle with the Corvette. I won't predict a winner. However, I doubt t would be a 1-2 finish for JDMs. Heck if there was a HONDA in the mix it would have been 1-2-3 JDMs. The fact is, if this had been a similarly styled European or American show I could almost guarantee the GT-R and LF-A would not have had the race to themselves. So as Autoblog put it, "Just take the race with a grain of salt". Here's the shaker.
      • 4 Years Ago
      Taking aside the fact that this "test" (and i use that term loosely) is more about the drivers than these cars, as the cars are so closely matched it shouldn't be such a big difference. Why do all those cars leave the ZR1 in a straight line... that alone makes me question this whole thing. Anyway, I read and saw enough tests of these cars done by the same professional driver to know that they are about +-2 seconds apart on a race track. And that is well within margin of driver error.
      LUSTSTANG S-197
      • 4 Years Ago
      All these cars are "sex on wheels". When reading about them on this site, the one thing that kills it for me is all of the immature, fanboy comments from so-called "driving experts". I would bet my life that 99.999% of you on here would not turn down any one of these "lust-mobiles" if they were offered to you, even if it were "only rwd". I know I wouldn't. They are all fine automobiles that have slightly different methods of achieving elite super-car performance, so why not accept them regardless of their differences and give credit where it is due. It's safe to say they are better than any of the rides of the posters on AutoBlog. I doubt any of them come on here and incite fanboy flamewars.
      • 4 Years Ago
      Who cares about the results; I want to drive one of those cars on that track! :)
      • 4 Years Ago
      Give me the body of the LF-A, the electronics of the GT-R, the sound of the LF-A's engine, the actual engine of the ZR-1, and the handling/weight distro/related things etc. of the gt2 and I'll be one happy camper.
      • 4 Years Ago
      Awesome...wish they had a Viper ACR too :/ Doesn't really prove anything...except that the GTR is easy to drive fast. Clearly, some drivers were pushing more than others, and some cars were tougher at the limit than others. can we get some subtitles plz? :D
      Dennis Baskov
      • 4 Years Ago
      I'm very disappointed with ZR1's performance in this race...
        • 4 Years Ago
        @Dennis Baskov
        Relax,the race of full of s**t.Typical japanese bias.
          • 4 Years Ago
          Typical Japanese bias?! This is why the LFA got pwned by the GT2 RS on the final stretch. If it we're Japanese biased, wouldn't it make more sense for some how the race to end with the GT-R and LFA in the #1 and #2 positions?! On top of that, I believe the Japanese representation was out numbered 3 to 2. So, tell me again how this was Japanese biased?! Please know what you're talking about next time you comment.
      • 4 Years Ago
      How many of you have driven any of these cars?(NOT MORE THAN 6 OF YOU) How many of you are accomplished race drivers who have countless championships(NONE) How many of you have even been to FUJI(MAYBE A FEW OF YOU) And some of you have the nerve to diss these highly accomplished drivers like you're an accomplished racing driver. How disrespectful it's because of people like you who think just because they can HEEL & TOE and because they're good at GRANTURISMO & FORZA they're great drivers. R.I.P BEST MOTORING one of the few real car enthusiast programs unlike that TOPGEAR which is just for entertaining all these people who think "THE STIG IS THE BEST DRIVER IN WORLD."(CONTINUE TO LIE TO YOURSELF)
        • 4 Years Ago
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