2012 mercedes-benz a-class

You're looking at what appear to be the patent images for the 2012 Mercedes-Benz A-Class. The images found their way into Belgian automotive site AutoScoop.be, and you can peruse them in the gallery below.

We expected the car to ditch most of the concept-crazy before it winds up in dealer showrooms. The version seen here does stick to the overall form of the concept, minus the hypnotic grille and several of the deep creases found all over the conceptual car's body.

What we're left with is a car that's clearly a Mercedes-Benz, but not particularly far from the hatchback standard. Bits of CLS can be found in the curving roof-line and that familiar MB mug is staring you down front and center. We're excited to see this hatch (expect CUV and sedan variants as well) in the flesh at an auto show later this year.