We spend so much time thinking, writing and talking about vehicles meant for the open road, but we rarely consider a new car for inside the house. The Onion is "reporting" on just such a vehicle for in-home commuting coming from Chrysler, and we're not talking about personal mobility scooters here, folks.
The Reside, which reportedly starts at just $17,595, obviously doesn't exist, but that didn't stop The Onion from dreaming up the ultimate in-home transporter. After all, our Lazy Boy doesn't have have heated seats, but the Reside does. It also gets 28 miles per gallon in hallway driving and 19 in a "cluttered pantry or messy teenager's room." And you can't beat that five-star furniture-impact rating.

Head over to The Onion to read the satire for yourself. If you're not inclined to do so, here's our favorite line.

"It's about time, really," said 43-year-old father of two Roland Crawford of St. Louis. "Our old 1994 Hyundai Accent can barely make it upstairs anymore."

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