Rolls Royce Phantom App

Rolls Royce is letting owners and enthusiasts unleash their creative juices on the 2011 Phantom with a new app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The program lets would-be buyers and reams build their very own, fully-customized version of the hyper luxury sedan, complete with a frightening 44,000 exterior color options. If, somehow, you can't find a shade you like, you can use your device's camera to take a picture of the exact hue you're looking for, and the app will apply it to your virtual Phantom.

True, this may not be the most utilitarian app out there, but it could definitely occupy a good portion of a long layover or school play without all the racket of Angry Birds. Once you've nailed down the perfect color for your Roller, you can scroll through photo galleries of interior piping choices, wood grains and options to make sure everything matches up just so.

The best part of this virtual Rolls builder is that it's completely free from the App Store, which means even street urchins like us can afford to build our dream Roller, however unattainable the car may be in the metal.

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[Source: Rolls Royce]