• Apr 27th 2011 at 10:28AM
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With 3D technology slowly making its way into homes and onto portable game consoles, it was just a matter of time before the tech filtered its way into cars. MasterImage, one of the companies that has pioneered glasses-free 3D screens, is reportedly on the verge of signing a deal with a handful of automakers and airlines to bring its wares to the transportation industry.

Roy Taylor, MasterImage's executive VP, declined to tell the Hollywood Reported which OEMs and airlines it was in talks with, but confirmed that its patented displays could reach certain planes and cars in the coming years.
However, don't expect your next sat-nav to get all Minority Report just yet – the 3D screens by MasterImage will be used for rear-seat entertainment, allowing passengers to download movies and games using next-generation mobile broadband technology to keep the kiddies distracted while on the road.

[Source: Hollywood Reporter]

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      • 4 Years Ago
      There will be 3D backup cameras available within a couple of years. There are already 7" autostereoscopic displays that you can buy for less than $200. Ambarella recently announced a 3D processor that works with their HD camera system on a chip that is capable of streaming video to an autostereographic display panel. There will be glasses-free 3D tv sets on the market within 3 years. When that happens, when your family can watch a 3D tv from across the room without glasses, 2D will start becoming like black & white. Good 3D is so impressive, so evocative of memories, once the glasses issue is eliminated I can't see 3D not taking over many graphic applications. Yes, I'm biased. I started Cars In Depth because I believe that 3D is not a fad this time and more important, because cars are three dimensional objects that look different in real life than they do in flat 2D imagery. Now that Sony, Aiptek and Viewsonic are selling 3D camcorders for $150-$250, that produce good 3D with virtually no post processing needed, and we've seen gamers eagerly embrace the new Nintendo 3DS which has an autostereoscopic [i.e. glasses free] display that is pretty impressive, 3D is well on its way to acceptance. Your children will look at 2D HighDef tv and movies the same way we regard black and white silent films. Ronnie Schreiber Executive Editor CarsInDepth.com
      • 4 Years Ago
      3D is a worthless technology. It didn't work the first, second, third, or fourth time that the entertainment industry tried it. I suppose I'll have to pay another $1000 to have my kids watch something in 3D in the back seat, because we all know the 2D screens back there don't do the job.
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      @Ronnie Schreiber Black and white films are beautiful. Some would argue that their demise was a shame.
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      Why? Maybe a better HUD system would be more valuable.
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        Probably because this is more universal.