Jet-powered golf cart

There are plenty of fine reasons to play golf. Everyone needs an excuse to get outside and stretch their legs, and smacking the life out of a little white ball is a socially acceptable way to relieve stress with a club. But for many of us, the only reason to get on the green is to get behind the wheel of a golf cart. Our short game may be the living definition of embarrassing, but we'd like to imagine we could execute a fine handbrake turn behind the wheel of an electric rental.

If that's not entertaining enough to wet your whistle, you can always add the thrill of a turbine engine to the mix. We're not exactly sure where the gentleman in the video after the jump got the idea to strap a small jet engine to the back of his custom golf cart, but we like where his head's at. Odds are the other players may have a small problem with the racket that his contraption makes, but that's their problem, right?. Hit the jump to check it out.

[Source: YouTube]