• Apr 18, 2011
Alex Van Halen's 2009 Ariel Atom – Click above for high-res image gallery

Alex Van Halen made his name as co-founder of legendary hair metal band Van Halen, alongside the guitar-shredding talents of his younger brother Eddie. Remember the drum solo intro to "Hot for Teacher"? That was the talented Mr. Van Halen. Turns out the man behind that killer, Harley Davidson-aping drum solo is a car aficionado par excellence, apparently with a penchant for tube-frame track rats.

According to this eBay listing, Van Halen has decided to get rid of his black-on-black, Eco Tec-powered Ariel Atom. The asking price for this celebrity-owned Atom is accordingly steep, despite the fact that the only documentation of Van Halen's ownership is the seller's word.

[Source: eBay Motors]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 3 Years Ago
      I much prefer the standard look Atom. To me anything owned by someone famous does nothing for the price. I like it because I like,not because so and so once owned it.
      • 3 Years Ago
      Cool car, i dont thing i would every pay more for a car cuz a celebrity owned it, maybe if a historical figure owned it maybe. if i had the loot it would be a tough choice between this and the cooler looking (IMO) KTM version
      • 3 Years Ago
      That drum solo that's starts 'Hot for teacher' is GENIUS!!! I've always loved it...but I'll confess I always thought it was a top-fuel car lol
      Jorge Duran
      • 3 Years Ago
      Can it be true? Instant commenting is here?
      • 3 Years Ago
      would pay for non-celeb owned version of same car please.. but damn... =D looks so baws.
      • 3 Years Ago
      Too bad it doesn't have the Honda K20 motor.
        • 3 Years Ago
        Why is that a bad thing? The LSJ Ecotec is a much more balanced engine than the K20 is, anyway.
      • 3 Years Ago
      Not sure if "The Word" is good, but it'd be a helluva buy. For an equally helluva pile of cashola. And what the hell? Someone just flipped the switch, because I just used the old commenting system with the NISMO Leaf RC article...
      • 3 Years Ago
      Those rims look really nice on the car.. or go-kart. P.S. Will I get used to this new commenting system? I hope so..
      • 3 Years Ago
      Kevin O'Neill
      • 3 Years Ago
      Did Alex drive his car to his poor uncle's house to take those pics?
      • 3 Years Ago
      The ATOM is so cool.
      • 3 Years Ago
      I always thought of the drum solo as more of a Top Fuel car instead of a Harley. Yay for new commenting system!
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