2011 Volvo C30 Black Design

The Volvo C30 is a bit of a divisive design. Some love the radical P1800ES-inspired hatch, while others find it awkward. But maybe the brand's latest special edition can help.

Called the C30 Black Design, it's limited exclusively to the Italian market and to just 600 examples. What sets it apart is the application of a 3M carbon-look film to the roof, pillars, grille surround and wing mirrors. There's also 17-inch matte black wheels (upgradable to 18-inchers) and a specially trimmed interior with individualized dedication plaque.

Italian buyers can choose between the 115-horsepower D2 or 150-hp D3 turbo-diesel engines, or a 145-hp 2.0-liter gasoline four, and specify theirs in white, gray or orange. The question is, does the faux-carbon trim make the C30 look better or worse? Cast your vote in our poll below after looking over the gallery.

Does the carbon film improve the Volvo C30's styling?
Yes, it looks much better this way2360 (31.3%)
No, I liked it better without3598 (47.7%)
I'm not sure1579 (20.9%)

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[Source: OmniAuto.it (translated)]