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About 4.5 years ago, Autoblog Green reported on a "Stretch Batmobile" concept being developed by the Dutch that was intended to one day be used for public transportation. Now, that concept has been realized. The Superbus is completely electric, seats 23 people and rides in a dedicated lane to get its passengers where they need to go. Oh, and it goes 155 MPH. Designed by Dutchman Wubbo Ockels, a former astronaut and professor of aerospace sustainable engineering and technology, the realized Superbus was presented to a group of Dutch teenagers. Check it out in action in the video below.

Once again we have to ask: Where is our American version of this?

Click the image below to watch the video:

[Source: Radio Netherlands Worldwide]

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      It is nice to see that this bus has been created by the Dutch, they are the wackiest people on the planet, I expect that it comes from being so laid back, this bus isn't the first time that they have done something like this, they have a car manufacturer called Carver who make a really cool and wacky 3 wheel car that leans into corners, fantastic. My previous offering may look as though I am having a go at the Americans, I am not, I am merely having a go at the dinosaurs who work in the design departments of the American automobile industry, it seems that they don't want to keep up with the rest of the world when it comes to automobile innovation, I wonder how many cars would score 5 stars in the Euro Ncap Car Safety Tests? I can't think of one.
      • 4 Years Ago
      I see in the article which accompanies this video that a question is asked "Where is our American version of this?" I sure as hell hope that an American version never appears as it would probably be made out of plastic in the same way as a Dodge Viper or a Corvette is made out of plastic, General Motors say that this is to save weight, sure, if you build a 21st century car which has 16th century suspension technology (leaf springs), you need to use plastic in order to go fast, on the other hand when you look at Non American marques such as Ferrari, lamborghini, Pagani or Keonigsegg and not forgetting Bugatti you will notice that there isn't a leaf spring in sight, at the very least these manufacturers use aluminium but for the most part they use either carbon fibre or a mixture of carbon fibre and aluminium, the same goes for the engines.
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      Wow way cool electric bus . This could work instead of proposed passenger trains for suburbs in WI . A fleet of these could move lots of people with low foot print low investment, and great route and destination flexibility. The Dutch astronaut should show it off to Americans. A good example of what is working like it is the electric bus system in Santa Barbra CA. Seriously electric?
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