Bremach has been pumping out rugged work trucks in Italy since the late 1950s, so it's safe to say the company is clued-in to building no-nonsense, workaholic machinery. Its latest creation is called the T. Rex, and goes a long way to proving that EVs don't have to be Dustbuster-shaped people carriers.

Just like the Tesla Roadster proved EV technology can work in a sports car, the Bremach T. Rex proves the instant torque of an electric motor is as handy as a pocket in a shirt off road as well. The T. Rex's electric motor provides 100 kW of power at 0 rpm, with a claimed 150-mile range even under work conditions. Bremach will also warranty the powertrain for 30,000 miles or three years.

If full electric scares you or you want a little more range, the T. Rex is available with a traditional 6.0-liter gasoline-fired Chevrolet V8 with either a six-speed manual or five-speed automatic cog box. Even with the big-bore Chevy mill, Bremach claims the truck will achieve 20 mpg on the highway. For those who like to ride the middle line, there are compressed natural gas and hybrid options available as well. All of these powertrain options are available in a two- or four-door hardtop or a two-door convertible.

The T. Rex was designed to be as capable as possible while staying extremely fuel and space efficient. Partly by leaving the truck's spaceframe skeleton exposed, Bremach's designers were able to jam three seats into the T. Rex's narrow cab, which the company claims will withstand five Gs of force. Bremach says that's two Gs more than most of the competition... we'll have to take their word for it. The price for all this is fairly steep, with a loaded EV version of the T. Rex hitting the register at just over $120,000. Awesome don't come cheap.

Click past the jump for videos of the T. Rex in action.

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[Source: Bremach]