Audi Quattro concept

When the veil was lifted on the Audi Quattro concept at the Paris Motor Show last year, suffice it to say people stood up and paid attention. And ever since, reports have been circulating of its production potential. Call it an inside line, or call it wishful thinking, but the latest reports indicate that the Quattro coupe – a five-cylinder, turbocharged, all-wheel-drive tribute to the original rally machine – is edging ever closer to production.

According to the news from across the pond, Audi's namesake Quattro division – the department in charge of all the S and RS models as well as the R8 project in its entirety – has a working prototype based on the S5 coupe but considerably lighter thanks to the intensive use of aluminum and carbon-reinforced plastics. At around 1300 kilos (2,866 pounds), the vehicle is said to be about 300 kg (660 lbs) lighter than an RS5, and 225 kg (500 lbs) lighter than an R8.

The prototype is reportedly due to be driven by Audi's board members before they sign off on its production. No word yet on what strategy the product would take – full production model or niche product – but here's our question for you: if, for the sake of argument, it came in around the same price as an R8, which would you buy? Cast your vote in our poll below.

Would you buy an Audi Quattro if you could?
Yes, I'd buy it over an R8 for the same money2405 (13.6%)
Yes, but only if it were cheaper than an R810688 (60.6%)
No, the R8 is hotter2445 (13.9%)
I'll take my money elsewhere, thank you very much2090 (11.9%)

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