2011 Jaguar XJL

Jaguar says it will have an all-wheel-drive version of its flagship XJ sedan ready in less than two years, which should coincide with the launch of the car's mid-cycle refresh. Jag hopes the move will increase its sales in the northern United States, where it has traditionally held the strongest foothold in the U.S. market. According to Jaguar, the all-wheel-drive model will be crucial to maintaining that foothold, as nearly 70 percent of sedans sold in the Rust Belt send power to all four wheels.

Though the all-wheel-drive XJ is the most important prospect for the American market, Jaguar is planning a raft of new and redesigned models to reinvigorate its sales around the world. The company's plan to release a small luxury sedan below the XF is still in place, with pricing to start around £28,000.

Before the small luxury sedan drops, Jaguar is planning to release a four-cylinder diesel version of the XF to try and steal some of BMW's diesel 5 Series sales. For a little perspective, diesel four-cylinder models account for 60 percent of 5 Series sales in Europe.

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