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The fleet of 2010 model year vehicles sold in Australia posted the nation's lowest-ever combined carbon dioxide emissions. At 212.6 grams per kilometer of CO2, Australia's 2010 vehicle fleet spewed 2.7 percent less emissions than the nation's 2009 lineup of automobiles.

The National Average Carbon Emission (NACE) as calculated by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), figures include all passenger cars, SUVs, light-duty commercial pickup truck, vans and buses that weigh at less than 3.9 metric tons. This mean that Australia's posted CO2 figures include vehicle types that aren't measured when calculating combined emissions ratings in most countries.

Interestingly, Australia's reduction in CO2 emissions comes without regulations that have forced automakers to develop even cleaner vehicles in other countries. FCAI chief executive officer, Andrew McKellar, released this statement:
This is one of the most significant yearly improvements in the NACE figure and demonstrates the industry's commitment to continue to improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon-dioxide emissions. The result is a combination of improvements in vehicle technology and a change in consumer buying preferences. Carbon-dioxide emissions from new vehicles have been reduced significantly without regulation, and the industry now looks forward to working constructively with the federal government in developing a new standard
McKellar credits strong sales of diesel and hybrid vehicles, as well as incremental improvements made to the good ol' gasoline engine, with reducing Australia's NACE figures.

  • 2011 Flying V Formation. (Australia)
  • 2011 Calais V and SSV Sedans. (Australia)
  • 2011 Calais V Sedan. (Australia)
  • 2011 SSV Sedan. (Australia)
  • 2011 SSV Sedan. (Australia)
  • 2011 SSV Sedan. (Australia)
  • 2011 SSV Ute. (Australia)
  • 2011 Calais V Sedan. (Australia)
  • 2011 Omega Sedan. (Australia)
  • 2011 Calais V Sedan. (Australia)
  • 2011 Series II Line up. (Australia)
  • 2011 SSV Interior. (Australia)
  • 2011 SSV Interior. (Australia)
  • 2011 Omega Sedan. (Australia)
  • 2011 Omega Sedan. (Australia)
  • 2011 Omega. (Australia)
  • 2011 Omega Interior. (Australia)
  • 2011 Caprice V. (Australia)
  • 2011 Caprice V. (Australia)
  • 2011 SSV Sedan. (Australia)
  • 2011 Caprice. (Australia)
  • 2011 Calais V Interior. (Australia)
  • 2011 Omega Ute. (Australia)
  • 2011 SV6 Sportwagon. (Australia)
  • 2011 Berlina Sedan. (Australia)
  • 2011 Calais V Sedan. (Australia)
  • 2011 SV6 Ute. (Australia)
  • 2011 SS Sedan. (Australia)
  • 2011 SV6. (Australia)

[Source: Ward's Auto]

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