• Mar 17th 2011 at 8:27AM
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As a result of the devastation left behind by the recent earthquake and tsunami activity in Japan, the organizers of MotoGP have moved the Motegi round to October 2. The race was originally scheduled for next month, but widespread damage to the road system between Tokyo and Mito is not expected to be fixed in time. Additionally, Visordown reports that both the track surface and grand stands at Motegi suffered damage in the earthquake. MotoGP Japan will now fall between the Spanish and Australian grand prix races.

Additionally, the 2011 Tokyo Motorcycle Show has been outright canceled. The two-wheeled gathering was initially set to take place on March 25, but Tokyo is facing a number of challenges that make the event all but impossible. Power shortages, transportation woes and the full tragedy of the disaster have forced organizers to shutter the show. Those who already have tickets will be offered a full refund.

[Source: Visordown]

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