• Mar 7, 2011
The 2011 Nissan Leaf is fitted with an onboard charging system that accepts Level 2 240-volt charging at 3.3 kilowatts. While this setup allows the Leaf to be recharged from empty in approximately eight hours, Green Car Reports claims that an uprated system, boasting the ability to charge the Leaf in less time, is already in the works.
During the Electrical Vehicle Market panel at the IEEE-USA 2011 Annual Meeting, Nissan's director of product planning, Mark Perry, told GCR that the automaker intends to offer an uprated onboard charger for the Leaf "in a year or so." Though Perry didn't specify exactly when the upgraded charger will become available, he did state that it's likely to be offered as an option and that retrofitting the system into existing Leafs will be possible.

We suspect Nissan's decision to offer a quicker onboard charger likely came about because Ford recently touted the Focus Electric's ability to recharge much faster – due to its 6.6-kilowatt onboard charger – than the Leaf.

Photos by Sebastian Blanco / Copyright ©2010 AOL

[Source: Green Car Reports]

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      • 20 Hours Ago
      I am on the waiting list, but because I live in Wisconsin I cant get one until they finish their cold weather package. If I could get it with a 6.6kW charger that might convince me to buy it instead of leasing.
      • 20 Hours Ago
      My MINI E charged at 12kw. Thats only 2.5 hrs for a full charge on a standard 240v/50amp circuit. I am super excited to get my Leaf soon but im not looking forward to the 8 hour charge time. Any lithium powered electric car can charge at 12kw or more. The technology has been available for years, the first electric cars will have slow charge times so that not too many people will switch to electric and the oil companies can stay afloat. Imagine what what happen when everyone figures out that electric cars go 150 miles plus per charge and can charge in minutes not hours. Even my Geo that i converted to electric charges at a rate higher than 3.3kw. hmmmmm
      • 20 Hours Ago
      YES!. Do this!

      There won't be many Chademo DC fast-chargers around for many years (assuming they do get deployed). But a faster Level 2 EVSE would be much welcomed.
      • 20 Hours Ago
      Has this been confirmed publicly or is it still just the the statement made at the Annual Meeting? I've commented before that I could have sworn someone at the Orlando electric drive event I attended asked about the 6.6-kilowatt and a rep stated that it would be an option during ordering. It would be nice to confirm that I am not crazy if it has been made public now :)

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        • 20 Hours Ago
        That's great that Nissan will offer an upgrade to the first Gen. chargers.
        You know Toyota would not offer that as an option.
      • 20 Hours Ago
      The next question is: will the early adopters be able to upgrade to the 6.6kW charger?

        • 20 Hours Ago
        I doubt it.
        • 20 Hours Ago
        You really do not like checking links provided to find out the answers to questions, do you Neil? :-)
        From the Green Car Reports link in the post:
        'What about buyers of 2011 Leaf models who would like to have a faster Level II charge? Perry said any new charger offering would definitely be designed so it could be retrofitted into existing vehicles: "We don't want to orphan our first-year buyers."
        • 20 Hours Ago
        Yes they will. In the article it states that Mark Perry said "that retrofitting the system into existing Leafs will be possible."
      • 20 Hours Ago
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      • 20 Hours Ago
      Anyone else concerned with fast charging diminishing the lifespan of the battery pack?
        • 20 Hours Ago
        6kW is not fast charging in a 24 kWh battery, that's only 0.25C (as the battery geeks say).

        Remember, the drive system is capable of pulling many many times that much power out of the battery for acceleration, an (probably) putting at least that much back in during regen braking.
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